Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rent the Runway Review

Dress - Rent the Runway / Bag - Kate Spade / Necklace - JCrew Factory / Booties - Adrienne Vittadini

This weekend I used Rent the Runway for the first time to rent a dress for my high school reunion! I was weirdly nervous about it - relying on a dress you've never seen or tried on before for a special event is a little stressful! So I wanted to share my experience in case you're thinking of using the service.

After looking through literally every dress on the site, reading reviews, and creeping on all of the pictures posted by other renters, I settled on this pretty pink number. Everyone had posted that it was really flattering so I thought it was a no brainer. I placed the order for four days, from Thursday to Sunday, and thought I was good to go. Well, Thursday night when I got home from work to find the dress on my doorstep, I was really excited and immediately tried it on. Well surprise surprise, but it was NOT so flattering on me - instead it made me look super lumpy and bumpy. Not good. I freaked out and tried on every dress in my closet to see if I could find something else that would work. Nope. So I went to the Rent the Runway website, where I saw that I could request a new dress for an extra $12 bucks. Done. I found two more that I thought would work, emailed Rent the Runway with my choices & sizes, and called it a night.

On Friday I got a note confirming my order and that the new dresses would be on my doorstep by noon on Saturday. Since they hadn't arrived yet I think I packed two pairs of shoes, tights, a belt, every fancy necklace I own, and three bags, as well as two of the most promising dresses from my closet. The dresses showed up right before noon as we were about to leave, so I threw them in the car and we headed up to my parents house.

I tried on all the dresses, including the two that were my own, for my mom and sister (and Jeff, but he took the dude position of saying I looked great in all of them). The first dress I picked was a little black dress with some faux cutouts, and while it was cute I felt like it wasn't quite right. The second dress, however, was gorgeous (the one pictured above) - I loved the pattern and shine, and the fit was right. Of course, I couldn't raise my arms above my head and it was a leeeeettle on the short side, but nothing a pair of tights couldn't fix. I steamed out a wrinkle, added some accessories and was good to go.

Returning the dresses was easy too, I just popped them back in their original bags, added the pre-paid shipping label, and dropped them in a UPS box on my way to work. Bing bang boom.

Considering using Rent the Runway? If it's for a Saturday event, I definitely recommend choosing a Thursday-Sunday rental so that there's enough time for you to get another dress in time for your event. The Sunday end date is also nice because they actually say you don't have to make the return until Monday if you can't find an open UPS store. You can also rent a backup dress if you want to be safe for an extra $40, or if there's a store in your town, go in to the brick and mortar store to try on things ahead of time.

This post is not sponsored by Rent the Runway, I just wanted to share my experience. Have you used Rent the Runway before?

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Monday, October 12, 2015

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Went on a little double date with my college roomie to Lula Cafe, where we did lots of giggling and had some amazing cauliflower soup. Anyone know a good recipe? I'm now craving it! I've made it before, but that recipe involved a lot of bacon and a lot of cream and butter.
...Saw a Cubs win on Saturday - yay playoffs! We scored tickets to today's game, Jeff says I have to actually pay attention and not just chatter the whole time about uniforms and shoes. Let's go Cubbies!!
...Went up to my hometown for my high school reunion, which ended up being a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I got to hang with some of my good friends as well as see a lot of people I haven't in years. Plus, you know, open bar. We also made it out to the high school football game, which was amusingly bad.
...Got to do lots of snuggles with my little niece - she's getting so big! We spent a lot of time with her snoozing on my lap, and a lot of time showing Mae her reflection in the mirror and listening to her giggle.

I hope you had a good one!

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Mean Girls Costumes

Last weekend was October 3rd, so of course there was a Mean Girls marathon on tv, reminding me of its greatness and of how much its lexicon has slipped into my daily life ("Boo, you whore"). So who wouldn't want to dress up as one of the Mean Girls for Halloween? I actually was in a group Mean Girls costume thrown together at the last minute for a costume party in college (I thought about finding some photos, and then I decided instead to destroy all of the evidence), and let me tell you, if you need a last minute Halloween costume, Mean Girls is a pretty easy one to pull off. Here are a few fun Mean Girls costume ideas:

Mean Girls costumes

Regina costume: Cardigan, Tank, Skirt, Heels 
Damian costume: Sweatshirt, Sunglasses
Purple Bra costume: Skirt, Bra, Heels, Tank
Mouse costume: Dress, Mouse Ears (add a circle of pink felt to the centers if you're feeling DIY-y)

Would you dress up as a character from Mean Girls? Which is your favorite?

Oh, and completely unrelated - I finally joined Snapchat! I know I'm YEARS late on this. Now if I could only find a young person to show me how it works. You can follow me at kristinadoes. Stay tuned for amusing high school reunion pics this weekend!

photo sources 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sweaters & Plaid

Sweater (similar) - Banana Republic Factory / Jacket (similar) - JCrew Factory / Leggings - Zella / Scarf (similar) and Bag - Old Navy / Boots - Bandolino / Watch - Wristology

We have officially hit that point in fall where I just want to wear all of the sweaters. I know in a few months I'll be totally sick of them, but for now, bring on all of the cable knits! I also can't stop wearing these leggings. Like, I know they reaaaaaally aren't work appropriate, but we don't have a dress code in my office so I maybe have been wearing them every day. Comfy > corporate.

On a totally unrelated note, this weekend is my 10 year high school reunion! It's so cliche to say, but I really can't believe high school was that long ago. I'm excited to see some people I haven't seen in years and am prepared for lots of awkward moments. Fingers crossed one of the student bands has a surprise reunion performance ;) I also am trying out Rent the Runway for the first time this weekend (for a dress that is, I rented all of my wedding jewelry from RTR) and am excited to see how it goes. I also have about 13 backup dresses picked out just in case the whole renting formal wear thing doesn't quite work out. Have you used Rent the Runway before, and if so, did you spend waaaaay too long reading other people's reviews & creeping on their pictures?

And a second unrelated topic - I finally joined Snapchat! I know I'm YEARS late on this. Now if I could only find a young person to show me how it works... You can follow me at kristinadoes - stay tuned for amusing high school reunion pics this weekend!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Light Layers

Sweater - Banana Republic / Shirt (similar) - JCrew Factory / Denim (similar) - Gap / Booties (similar) - Target / Bag - Old Navy / Watch - Wristology

Do you hold out as long as possible every fall before pulling out your jackets? I know I sure do - I love coats, but I'm not ready for them yet! Instead I've been relying on light layers to provide a little more warmth, like this beautiful draped sweater. I mentioned this in my budget post last week, but I usually don't go for oversized pieces. On my curvy figure they tend to look sloppy and unflattering. However, if I size way down (this is an XS/S!) sometimes they work. I'm so glad I gave this sweater a chance because it is so soft and comfortable, I've been wearing it non-stop. Pair it with some leggings and I'm ready for a nap ;) On this particular day I, you know, had to go to work, so with jeans and a button down I managed to stay awake. A button down is a bit unexpected with this particular sweater (I typically go for long sleeve tees where the sleeves are tight), but with rolled sleeves it works.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Went to a pumpkin patch with my little niece! Oh, and you know, my sister and brother-in-law. We successfully navigated our way through a giant corn maze and took yet another "Jeff is holding the baby so of course she is crying" picture ;) Yay fall-tivities!
...Snagged a friend's reservation at RPM Steak and then proceeded to eat all.of.the.steak. And, you know, some killer super bacon and a whole lot of mac and cheese. And then we rolled ourselves home. Completely unrelated, who wants to set some fitness goals with me?
...Thanks to the rain and cold, finally got a chance to break out my new Sperry boots! Let me tell you, they are so comfortable & warm, especially when you have on two pairs of socks ;)
...Had a little date night at home with a couple of bottles of wine we brought back from Italy and Spy with Melissa McCarthy, which had me laughing hysterically. Does anyone else still think of Sookie whenever they see Melissa McCarthy?
...Did a little football watching (ahem, chili cheese dip eating) and fantasy football trash talking - turns out that despite knowing nothing about football and not having Jeff's help this year, my team has the highest point total in our league. Not too shabby ;)

I hope you had a good one!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

I've shared a fair few Halloween costumes on the old blog over the years. It's definitely my favorite holiday even though I'm not so into the creepy elements - I really just love a good costume! Here's a roundup of a few of my favorites over the years:

This was one of those costumes that looked really complicated but was actually pretty easy to make. Plus, wearing a onesie all night was so comfortable! 

Another fun and easy costume I put together at the last minute - thanks for lending me one of your shirts Jeff! Of course, those who were not Breakfast at Tiffany fans just thought I was a very confused Risky Business. 

Now this is one of those costumes that looks easy but actually took me FOREVER since I hand drew all of the stripes. Maybe I should have tried fabric paint instead ;) 

Want everyone to give you Halloween hugs? Dress up as a Carebear ;) 

One cheapo nightgown plus one ribbon equals this easy Wendy costume - I had my friends dress up as Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Tigerlilly to match :) 

Looking for more easy costume ideas? Check out my Five Minute Costumes!

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