Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Finds: Nordstrom Anniversary Edition

Okay Nordstrom, you win. I swore up and down that I wasn't going to do a post on the #nsale. But then it came time to put together my finds for this week, and I realized every. single. thing. I had pinned was from Nordstrom. Le sigh. So, here you go:




What are you up to this weekend? Somehow this summer has flown by and my brother and sister-in-law are already heading back to South Korea (they came to visit for six weeks but teach in Korea during the year), so we're sending them off with a family Cubs game (and a little imbibing) on Saturday, and then since we're finally in town trying to get some stuff done around the house on Sunday. I smell a fancy new closet organizer in my future ;)

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Budget

Every month I post about my clothing budget. My budget per month is $300, which to some may seem like a lot and to others a little, but feels just right for me. You can read my thoughts on my 2015 budget here

July is almost over, can you believe it?! I bought kind of a lot at the end of the month (ahem #nsale) but it all hasn't arrived yet, so I'm only counting the stuff I definitely decided to keep. It's funny to see the shift in my purchasing habits this month. Basically from January to June I was buying mostly summer items, and now it looks like I've moved on to fall/winter. 

I've been needing a new pair of jeans, so I was excited to find another pair from Madewell in a tall and on sale (which seems to never happen!). Unlike the last pair I bought from there, which I said seemed a touch too big in the knees and calves, this pair fits like a glove. Done and done. 

I shared a bunch of stuff on Snapchat (Missed out? Follow me @kristinadoes) on Tuesday that came in the mail this week. While I kept everything I found at J.Crew Factory, there were a couple of purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that are going back. First are these faux-leather leggings - the fit was fine in the waist, super baggy in the crotch, and incredibly tight in the knees. No thanks! I also am sadly returning the Halogen lace-up flats that seemingly everyone bought - the nude color is oh so pretty but the toebox was just too narrow for me, they pinched my toes in a way that other lace-up flats haven't. 

So anyway, here's what I bought in July: 

LOFT Chambray Blouse - originally $54.50, on sale $22.50
J.Crew Factory Drapey Tee - originally $59.50, on sale $39.50
Madewell Jeans - originally $128, on sale $89.60
Zella Leggings - originally $52.00, on sale $33.90
Sole Society Tote - originally $59.95, on sale $39.90
J.Crew Factory Striped Tee - originally $26.50, on sale $19.50
LOFT Lace-up Dress - originally $79.50, on sale $39.75

Total Spent: $284.65
Total Saved: $175.30

Yay under budget! Next month expect to see a straggler or two from the #nsale, and probably a pair of boots or two ;)

Did you budget in July? How did you do?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Stripes

Shirt (similar) and Shorts (on sale for less than $30!) - J. Crew Factory / Bag - Sole Society / Watch - Wristology / Sandals - Dolce Vita / Necklace - Stella & Dot

My button downs are something I tend to ignore every summer, since they seem like a cooler-weather option. But with the sleeves rolled, an airy button down feels perfectly summery when paired with a pair of shorts. Of course, wearing this outfit on a 95 degree day with 90% humidity probably wasn't a great choice, but you know, you live and you learn. Jeff and I left the house this weekend with the intention of wandering the neighborhood and going to a cute little bar for a drink, and instead made it about two blocks and decided to go home and lay on the couch instead. Homebodies for life.

Do you wear button-downs in the summer?

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Banana Republic New Arrivals

I know that every blogger is basically losing their mind right now over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but I'm more excited about the new arrivals from Banana Republic! BR strayed from their brand for a while and got a little too crazy, but they are definitely back and one of my favorite brands at the moment. Their pieces are all classics but with a twist that can be fun for work or the weekend. Here are a few of my picks:

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

Do you shop at Banana Republic? What's your favorite piece?

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Last Week

Oh hey guys, I'm back! I spent last week up in northern Wisconsin with my family, catching a few fish, swimming, learning to paddle board and then bragging about my paddle board skills until my family members knocked me off of said paddle board, kayaking, drinking more Bud Light than any person ever should in one week, boating and saying over and over "I'm de captain now", playing board games, and pretending my sister's daughter was my own. Oh, and on our drive home a little BEAR ran in front of our car! Since it didn't attack us and instead basically skipped across the road I'm allowed to think it was cute. So, all in all, the perfect week. I also managed to spend one morning snagging a few sale items, including this oh-so-cute layered striped sweatshirt from J.Crew Factory (currently 30% off and free shipping with code SETSALE), and these adorable booties and another pair of my favorite leggings from Nordstrom.

We got home Saturday night after driving through some crazy storms, only to remember that we had turned our a/c off while we were gone, meaning that when we got home it was 90+ degrees inside. Needless to say we spent the rest of the weekend being pretty lethargic and laying on the couch and catching up on The Challenge, our guilty pleasure show ;)

I'll hopefully be back in full-swing this week here on the blog, but I'm feeling a little weird - hopefully it's just post-vacation blues and not me getting sick!

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Finds

Happy Friday!! Jeff and I are heading up to northern Wisconsin for vacation with my family tomorrow, so tonight we're mostly just packing and trying to eat all of the food in the fridge that might spoil. I was going to plan out content for all of next week, but my brother is in town and I frankly ran out of time - looks like it's blog vacation time too. So have a great week and I'll see you here after I get back (but follow along on Snapchat and Instagram to see what I'm up to - both @kristinadoes)!!

one / two / three / four / five

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lace-Up Dress

Dress - LOFT / Sandals - Dolce Vita / Bag - Sole Society / Earrings - Charming Charlie / Bracelet - Baublebar 

Every summer I hit a point where all I want to wear is dresses. Unfortunately when I reached that point last week, I looked in my closet and realized that just about all of my dresses are on the fancy side - appropriate for a work event or a wedding, but not really something I'd pull out for a casual day of wandering the city. I quickly rectified that problem over the weekend with a stop in at LOFT, and now have worn this dress multiple times this week. I maaaaay have a problem. I just love the swingy cut, and the fun lace-up detail means I don't need many accessories. Perfect for those hot summer days when it's too hot to plan an outfit!

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