Friday, July 21, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Open to the Public + Reviews!

You guys, today the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale finally opens to the public! Which means, and I'm sorry, that you're probably being inundated by #nsale stuff again today - sorry! I just wanted to pop in and share some reviews on the stuff I've gotten so far, as well as share my clothing picks that are still available.

Halogen Tunic - $24.90 (after the sale $39.00)

I've been loving oversized tees lately, so this tunic was a no-brainer. It's sold out in stripe (but maybe it'll restock? Cross your fingers!) but the fabric is really comfortable, and I love the tulip hem. I'm wearing an XL here which is a little oversized, I definitely could have gone for L. 

Articles of Society Jeans - $38.90 (after the sale $59.00)

These jeans are super stretchy, are built for someone who is bigger through the waist, are long enough for my super long legs, and didn't stretch out through a full days wear. Definitely keepers.

Kut from the Kloth Faux Suede Jacket - $58.90 (after the sale $88.00) 

This jacket is probably my favorite thing that I snagged during the sale. It's made out of this super soft faux suede that also has some stretch to it, and feels more like you're wearing a cardigan than anything else. The structure through the back of the jacket though makes it really flattering. I can see myself wearing this to work all fall instead of sweaters. I'm wearing an XL here which is perfect. It also comes in a pretty plum color and is still available in regular and petite sizes. 

Blondo Waterproof Booties - $99.90 (after the sale $149.95) 

I get so sick of wearing the same boots over and over each winter (ahem, and fall... and spring... stupid Chicago) so another pair was definitely on my wish list. These are actually waterproof which means I'll be able to wear them all winter!! I'm not sure how exactly that works with suede but I'm not going to question it that much. The footbed itself is really comfortable but I can feel a tiny bit of rubbing around the ankles - I'm going to wear these around the house a little more before I decide whether I'm keeping them or not. Keep in mind that I'm super picky when it comes to footwear so they probably won't bother you! Fit is TTS.

BP. Lightweight Cardigan - $31.90 (after the sale $49.00)

I really thought I would love this cardigan, but it is so going back. The drop shoulders + weird collar + cheapo fabric combine to make it look sloppy. Plus I remembered I own a basically identical (but much cuter) cardi! 

Halogen Ankle Wrap Flats - $59.90 (after the sale $89.95)

These fit true to size and are super cute. I love the calf hair and the ankle wrap. They're surprisingly comfortable. However, I'm going to wait and see on how my budget is doing this month before I decide I'm really keeping them or not. No matter how cute they are, they aren't going to get nearly as much wear as those booties above, so they're a lower priority item for me. 

Gibson Tie-Front Fleece Pullover - $39.90 (after the sale $59.00) 

I had convinced myself I was going to keep this sweater. The fabric is so soft, it feels like you're wearing pajamas, and I love the tie front. But, when I tried it back on again to take this picture the fact that the sleeves are too short for me is glaringly obvious, and they were super annoying to me. So I guess it's going back :( If you have arms that are a normal length though, definitely go for it - it's still available in lots of colors and sizes! 

London Fog Trench Coat - $129.90 (after the sale $229)

This coat is way too bulky and just not flattering on me, and has made me think I might not want a trench coat at all! Maybe something more fun is on the horizon ;) 

So now that we're done with what I've tried on at home, here's a look at some of my favorites that are still available! 




Lounge / Sleepwear:

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fiesta in a Dress!

Dress - LOFT / Bag - Sole Society / Sandals (similar) - Dolce Vita / Earrings (similar) - J. Crew / Bracelet - BaubleBar

Oh hey there! I'm in the middle of a really busy week over here - between a lot of lady dates and saying goodbye to my brother and his wifey (they flew back to South Korea yesterday - waaaaah!!) and having things ramp up at work, it's been non-stop. Luckily we're taking a little break - tomorrow Jeff and I are flying out to Napa!! And for some reason we decided a 7am flight was a good idea :/ The good news is that puts us in California by 9:30 am, and to all of the wine by lunchtime! I really can't wait. Most of our trips together have been busy, hopping around cities, or super lazy where we just go to a beach. I freaking loved Napa when we went last fall though - it has the slow, relaxed vibe of a beach vacation, yet you're still running around doing something almost the whole time. Plus, you know, wine.

It's supposed to be about 95 degrees the whole time we're there, and you'd better believe that this dress will be in my suitcase! It's loose and breezy, perfect for the hot weather, but still cute with all of the details like the embroidery and the bow in the back. It actually is supposed to be belted, but I made the executive decision to cut off the belt loops because it looks so much better as a shift. I probably should have done that when I wasn't wearing it, but I didn't actually manage to stab myself so we're still all good. 

Oh, and don't worry your little head while I'm gone, I'm scheduling out some posts and you can follow along on Instagram! See y'all soon!! 

Dress - LOFT / Bag - Sole Society / Sandals (similar) - Dolce Vita / Earrings (similar) - J. Crew / Bracelet - BaubleBar

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

#nsale Picks for the Home

One of the places I tend to neglect in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the home goods section, which is sad because they have some really awesome stuff! Last year I ended up grabbing a couple of things at the tail end of the sale and I freaking love them - I have a couple of trays like this one and use them just about every time we have company! They also look super cute on display on our shelves. 

Other highlights include this super cute drink dispenser - so much more fun than the cheapo ones I bought from Target a few years ago that always seem to leak! And I'm seriously loving this rug. It's actually been on my wishlist for a while so I'm really psyched to see it in the sale. I currently have a funky floral rug in our kitchen (also from Target) but this one is so much more grown up. Oh, and how cute is this wine rack?! So pretty!! 

Anyway, I could probably go on and on about how I love each of these (fur pillow!!!! tassel shower curtain!!!!) but instead, here are my top picks from the sale: 

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Polka-Dotted Cold Shoulder

Top - J. Crew / Jeans - Old Navy / Bag (similar pom-pom bag here, I also love this blue & white one!) - Sondra Roberts / Sandals (similar) - Dolce Vita / Earrings (similar) - BaubleBar / Necklace - Stella & Dot

You guys. This top. Did I need another top that is impractical and can't be worn at work? Ummm, definitely no. Basically everything in my closet is showing one shoulder or another at this point. I thought I'd send this top back. I had it sitting in my returns pile for week. But you know what? I think I love it, and when I went to take it back I just couldn't.

Now, I will say that the straps don't particularly like to stay up, which is one of the reasons I thought it needed to go back. But it turns out I forgot about the option of fashion tape, which does the trick! I love that the thick straps mean I can wear it with a regular bra. And of course I love the polka dots and ruffles. I also love how confusing it is to men - one of my male coworkers, who has legit never complimented me on anything before, said he, "liked all of the... frills?" Oh man compliments ;)

Top - J. Crew / Jeans - Old Navy / Bag (similar pom-pom bag here, I also love this blue & white one!) - Sondra Roberts / Sandals (similar) - Dolce Vita / Earrings (similar) - BaubleBar / Necklace - Stella & Dot

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Monday, July 17, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...had a bunch of Jeff's friends over for pizzas and some rooftop hangs, and watch some toddlers run in intense circles. Really wishing I had their energy level haha ;)
...did a little more shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - this tee, this tunic, these lounge pants, and this jacket are now winging their way toward me. I also put in an order for Jeff because he wears designer jeans (insert eye roll) and also got him some great shoes and a couple of polos.
...convinced Jeff to step away from work for a break to go for a long walk with me down at Montrose Beach (it was so beautiful out!!) only to get back home and discover our cable and internet had gone out, meaning he couldn't work for the rest of the day! I'm sure he was frustrated, but I took full advantage and dragged him out for drinks and then more drinks and then dinner and a movie at Davis Theater / Carbon Arc. We saw The Big Sick, and you guys, it was so good. Like, the whole theater was laughing so hard that we missed parts of the movie. I hesitate to call it a rom-com, but if it is then it's by far the best rom-com I've seen in a long time.

I hope you had a good one!

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! Did anyone else have some serious struggles this week? This week is actually my only full work week for the whole month of July (because we're headed to Napa for a long weekend!), so it was really dragging for me. I'm really looking forward to 5pm tonight - besides having some friends over tonight, we're free as birds the rest of the weekend! Someone make sure I do something fun instead of plugging away on my laptop all weekend.

Anyway, onto today's finds! I thought you might be tired already of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so instead here's all things I found outside of Nordstrom - and a lot of these are on sale too! Off-the-shoulder romper, anyone?
one / two / three / four / five

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

What I'm Shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Good morning and happy first day of the #Nsale preview! Yes, that's right, in case you somehow hadn't heard, today the Nordstrom Anniversary Sales starts in preview mode for all cardholders. Before you get completely inundated by the sale, I wanted to share what I'm actually shopping for.

I don't even want to think about fall yet, but the sale is full of cute new fall goodies (and some summer styles too!) marked down up to 33% off, so really I'm willing to just consider my fall wardrobe a little. So what exactly am I buying during the sale?

Fall Basics:

Fun Fall Blouses & Sweaters & Dresses:

Fall Accessories:

Booties & Flats:


Are you a fan of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, or is it all too much for you? Personally, after going through literally everything that's for sale, it seems a little overhyped this year. That being said, a few things did make it into my cart - this trench (I've been wanting one forever!), these cute flats, this pair of waterproof booties (perfect for Chicago winters!), these jeans, and this cardigan. I'll let you know what I think once they arrive!

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