Monday, September 24, 2018

Out of Office

Hey there! I'm headed off for a week in San Francisco for a work conference today. I was going to spend my whole weekend stressing out over packing and laundry and finishing up things for work and for the blog like I usually do before a trip, and then I thought, "why?!" Why do I do that to myself? So I'm taking the week off from this little space! You can follow along on Instagram to see what I get up to, but besides that I'll be back next week. See you soon!!

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday Finds

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fall Work Style

Sweater Blazer (similar styles here and here) and Tee - J.Crew Factory / Jeans (these are maternity - perfect for first & second trimesters and the only maternity jeans I've liked so far) - Everly Grey / Loafers (or a tasseled version!) - Gentle Souls / Bag (I bought this in Paris!) - Sezane / Watch - Wristology

Work style isn't something I share a lot of here, especially now that I rarely dress up for work! But I have a big conference coming up next week so I've been thinking a bit about what to pack. I actually wore this exact combo to work a couple weeks ago when I had to give a big presentation, and felt perfectly put together and confident while still comfortable. Here's the pieces you need to pull it together: 

I've always had a hard time with jackets, as most of them aren't quite cut right for my body type, and honestly traditional blazers usually aren't that comfortable! Enter the sweater blazer. I grabbed it on a whim when making some returns, and I am so happy I did! It adds the polish of a blazer, but the fit and comfort of a cardigan. Just a note that this one does have a full collar but no matter how much I try to press it down, it always ends up popping up a little like in these photos. This version is a little more expensive but looks like it wouldn't have the same problem, and this one with buttons is a cute option too. 

Striped tee shirts are definitely the heroes of my wardrobe. They're just a little more detailed and fun than a plain tee, and seemingly go with everything - skirts, jackets, sweaters, vests, you name it! I love this one for the flattering fit and the slight boatneck that doesn't actually show my bra straps. Plus the sleeves are actually long enough for me! Definitely size up though, they tend to shrink a little in the wash. 

Pro tip: Pull just a hint of your tee sleeve out of the bottom of the cardigan sleeves - it makes it look like you put a little more thought into your outfit and adds some fun detail. 

If jeans are appropriate for your workplace, look for a pair that are dark wash with no holes or distressing. Skinny jeans are great, or boot cut/straight cut if you prefer those. Just avoid jeggings that really obviously look like jeggings - I'm talking skin-tight, slightly shiny, or missing pockets. If you can't get away with jeans at work, you can easily replace these with a pair of skinny dress pants

Comfy flats are a must for me at work - my feet are really sensitive and I typically can't get away with heels for more than a few hours, especially commuting to downtown Chicago! These have a cushy insole and are soft, comfortable leather. Plus the loafer style is polished but still fun for fall! 

Add in a few accessories like a polished work tote and simple jewelry, and you're good to go! 

In other news, it looks like fall is finally here! Jeff and I were dawdling before heading out to take these photos, and looked up at 7pm and realized it was already dusk!! If you look in the background of these photos you can see the yellow from the street lamps. Looking forward to fall weather over here, but definitely not to it getting dark so early!

Sweater Blazer (similar styles here and here) and Tee - J.Crew Factory / Jeans (these are maternity - perfect for first & second trimesters and the only maternity jeans I've liked so far) - Everly Grey / Loafers (or a tasseled version!) - Gentle Souls / Bag (I bought this in Paris!) - Sezane / Watch - Wristology

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Little Plaid

Dress (wearing a regular large, not the tall size) - Old Navy / Flannel (similar here and here) - J.Crew Factory / Bag (similar here, here, and here) - Coach Factory / Booties - TOMS / Necklace - Stella & Dot / Sunglasses - LOFT

I'm ready for fall now. But Chicago doesn't seem to be quite cooperating - it was almost 90 yesterday! 

What's a girl to do? Tie a flannel shirt around her waist of course and call it a day. 

I may have done it twice this weekend with the same flannel. It's fun with a tee and shorts too, but I love it paired with this comfy tee shirt dress (which I previously wore here and basically wear every chance I get). It's amazing because it's such a blank slate (and basically like wearing a nightgown). Add a sweater, add a scarf, add a jacket, or add a wrap and it becomes a completely different look. I bought the same dress in black too but haven't worn that one nearly as much - I'm guessing it'll get more wear though as things cool down and we get a little further into the season. 

Oh, and if you're trying to hide a baby bump, let me tell you, tying a shirt around your waist is the perfect method. My bump is sitting pretty right under that tie and no one is the wiser. Until they see me eat, I swear I had three lunches yesterday ;)

Not to completely change gears or anything, but you like my haircut? I went in for a cut and a deep conditioning treatment over the weekend, and I was laughing because I literally couldn't remember the last time I had been in. Ummm, it was MARCH!!!!!!! How on earth did that happen?!? So I was avoiding visiting her because I didn't want to dye my hair during the first trimester, so my roots were a mess and I was feeling blah and just wearing my hair up every day. But I didn't realize I had done six months of avoidance!! I got my "usual" lob cut and she cut off five inches. I'm so glad to be back to this short length though, someone needs to remind me that my hair just looks so much healthier when it's short, plus it's so easy to style. Keep me in check, people!

Dress (wearing a regular large, not the tall size) - Old Navy / Flannel (similar here and here) - J.Crew Factory / Bag (similar herehere, and here) - Coach Factory / Booties - TOMS / Necklace - Stella & Dot / Sunglasses - LOFT

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Monday, September 17, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went out for a casual dinner at O'Shaughessy's - I was craving their steak sandwich, it's the best!! Oh, and in case you were wondering whether or not I'm actually pregnant, I made Jeff stop and get me gelato on the way TO dinner hahaha. The baby demanded it!
...had box seats with a bunch of our friends to the Cubs game on Saturday, which was so fun!! I mean, you know I was mostly in it for the dessert cart (are you sensing a pattern here??) but it was great to see the Cubbies pull out a W too. to visit Jeff's little sister again - she's already so big!! But just the sweetest little thing to hold, we got some good snuggles in. Afterwards we went and grabbed sandwiches from Goddess and Grocer. If you somehow haven't heard, Jeff LOVES a good sandwich and researches the best sandwich places whenever we travel (I suggested he start his own Instagram hahaha, @jeffheartssandwiches ;) and he freaking loved this place and already looked up the closest location to his work.
...did a bit of aggressive online shopping - I'm most excited about these comfy slippers that can actually be worn outside! I also ordered a bunch of maternity stuff to try, plus this blouse was such a great deal I couldn't pass it up, and I also snagged this cardigan I wanted from the Nsale that's actually on a better sale now!

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Finds

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