Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Spring Colors

Sweater (similar here and here) - Halogen / Jeans - Gap / Bag (similar) - Coach Factory / Necklace (similar) - BP / Flats (similar here and here) - Banana Republic 

I had to pull out a sweater for date night this weekend. Yes, I'm very upset about it. I'm sure you don't want to see photos of me in sweaters at this time of year, and I certainly don't want to show you sweaters any more.


Chicago has been bouncing between 80 degrees and 50 degrees. If you live near the lake this time of year, life is rough. And while I know you want to pull out all of your cute little summer dresses, sometimes you can't. Because you will get hypothermia. In May. 

So you pull out your cutest, springiest sweater, add in some white jeans, and go find yourself a pizza and a glass of wine and dream of warmer weather. Yes, I got red wine. My pants and I survived somehow. 

Oh, and you also have to bring a pink bag. This may look just like a pink bag that I've carried for years, but no, I bought an almost identical bag this weekend. That coral bag was my favorite but it was starting to get a little beat up from carrying it on the daily for four springs and summers. Like here and here and here and here and here and here. Plus I was at the Coach Factory store at the outlet mall and this stunner was marked down from $350 to $99. I couldn't find the exact bag online because it's from the factory store, but I did locate this one which is amazingly the exact same color and a very similar shape. 

Thank goodness I have another pink bag in my life. Not sure what I would do without it. 

Sweater (similar here and here) - Halogen / Jeans - Gap / Bag (similar) - Coach Factory / Necklace (similar) - BP / Flats (similar here and here) - Banana Republic 

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Monday, May 21, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went out on a little dinner date with Jeff at Bad Hunter. I thought it was a vegetarian restaurant, but really it's "veg-forward" (lolllll pretentious much?) so there were actually were a bunch of meat options too. I was a little apprehensive but had heard great things, and really I surprisingly loved everything - especially the fry bread with burrata! Of course, I'm pretty sure burrata is my favorite food ;)
...met Jeff's co-workers out for drinks at Green Street Smoked Meats. I've been a few times for barbecue and it's always crazy crowded, but it turns out these guys go there for beers (they have a great beer list!) and just get there early. Okay, really early, they may have texted me to meet them at 2:30 on Friday afternoon ;)
...drove out to the mall to return a few things and actually bought some stuff, including this blazer-cardigan - it'll be perfect for chilly offices this summer! I say "actually bought things" because I never ever shop in malls any more - do you? I just really prefer to shop from the comfort of my home!
...planned an amazingly early date night with Jeff - we were home by 8! We wanted to go to Spacca Napoli, an amazing Italian pizza place by our house, but it always has a crazy line. So, me being me, I suggested we head there at 5:30. It worked perfectly, the restaurant was somehow already crowded but we still got sat right away, and it looked like everyone coming in after us had to wait. After dinner we walked over to The Sixth for a fancy cocktail but decided we were done after one and went back home to watch movies on the couch. Jeff let me watch Easy A, bless him.
...had my family over for dinner on Sunday, which meant lots of cuddles from my new nephew Clark - he's such a little cutie!! We made these little individual deep dish cookies for dessert, and let me tell you, they are quickly turning into my favorite things to make for a party! You make the dough ahead of time, and then when you sit down to dinner you put them in the oven. Twenty minutes later, you have amazingness.

I hope you had a good one!

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Little Lilac

Wrap - LOFT / Tee - J. Crew Factory / Jeans - J. Crew / Shoes - Nordstrom / Necklace - Tiffany's / Bag (similar here and here, I also love this one!)  - Ann Taylor

I'm all about the wraps in winter, but scarves (or kimonos or ruanas or wraps or whatever you want to call them) have never been on my radar for warm weather. I really didn't get it - I mean, it's already hot, why would you add another layer? 

Oh duhhhh, because there's such a thing as a light layer! 

I mean really, this particular wrap is so lightweight and breezy it's like you're wearing nothing, but it adds so much dimension to an outfit. This particular wrap is actually completely open on the sides so you can wear it as a scarf if you so choose. I'm definitely planning on bringing it on all of our upcoming trips since it's so versatile! 

Oh and speaking of all of those upcoming trips, I realized that this weekend is basically our last weekend without plans for almost two months (!!) so I'm planning on relaxing it up! I'm basically the queen of couch time, and I'm looking forward to sneaking a lot of that in. We've also got a little dinner date in the works - and probably some cocktails too ;) 

Wrap - LOFT / Tee - J. Crew Factory / Jeans - J. Crew / Shoes - Nordstrom / Necklace - Tiffany's / Bag (similar here and here, I also love this one!)  - Ann Taylor

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Insta Lately

I haven't shared an Instagram roundup in a long time, but I realized I'm sharing a lot of outfits there that never make it onto the blog! Plus I know that you may be interested in shopping items I share there but would prefer to just have direct links to them. If you want to see my outfits in real time, be sure to follow me on Instagram at @kristinadoes!!

Dress (also available here) / Similar Jacket / Similar Earrings

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Vacay Style

Dress (similarish here, here, here, and here) - Impeccable Pig / Sandals (another green pair, plus I love these studded mules!) - Ann Taylor / Bag (exact on Poshmark, super similar on sale!) - Kate Spade / Earrings (similar) - BP 

Every now and then Chicago creeps its way into the 80's, and I decide I'm over this whole "spring" thing. Summer style all the way.

This dress was another purchase from our trip to Charleston, and I swear you guys, buying it was like being in a chic flick. I rarely shop in boutiques, I rarely go shopping in person at all, and I never ever ever enlist the shopping advice of the staff. But you know, it was my birthday, I had already had a cocktail, and everyone was just so darn friendly, including a women I swear followed us over after brunch. Plus Jeff was standing awkwardly in the front of the store reading sports tweets, so I felt like he needed to be involved. So let me tell you, I tried this dress on and strutted out into the store, and literally, women shrieked and told me I had to buy it. I may have twirled. It was like I was in a movie montage or something.

I hadn't gotten a chance to wear it since Charleston, but then, you know, Jeff's dad got married a couple weekends ago. On Cinco de Mayo. I dressed up for the ceremony but was told to go more casual for dinner that night, so fun and festive it was!

We have a bunch of trips coming up so I'm hoping to get the chance to pull this out again soon! Starting Labor Day weekend we have three trips in a row, with one weekend off in the middle during which I have a bridal shower and a baby shower and a bachelorette party to try to go to. That weekend my brother and his wifey are coming for a visit from South Korea too (they've lived there for four years now!). And I have back to back trips out to San Francisco for work mixed in too. Oh my gosh I might need a nap just thinking about that.

But luckily that means lots of chances to wear my fun vacay clothes! Which, let's be honest, are the best kind of clothes ;)

Dress (similarish hereherehere, and here) - Impeccable Pig / Sandals (another green pair, plus I love these studded mules!) - Ann Taylor / Bag (exact on Poshmarksuper similar on sale!) - Kate Spade / Earrings (similar) - BP 

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Monday, May 14, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...finished up our babysitting stint for my niece Mae while my sister had her new baby, Clark! What a little cutie. We had fun babysitting, but man do two year olds have a lot of energy! It was so nice to come back to our own bed on Friday but we mostly lazed around and caught up on Jersey Shore (which is amazing, btw) after stopping at Tacos El Norte for tacos and margaritas on our way home.
...got excited about all of the Mother's Day sales and ordered a bunch of stuff - I'm most excited about this cute gingham dress and this lacy blue and white striped top!
...went out to celebrate Jeff's birthday with our friends - we started with drinks and breakfast pizza at Corridor (my fav!), and then had a box at the Cubs game! There was a two hour rain delay and it poured so it was amazing to be able to hide inside. What with the extra game time we were a little sauced afterwards and went on a little impromptu bar crawl afterwards - so fun but I may be getting a little too old for this! I ended up spending the whole next day on the couch watching Disney movies ;)

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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