Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Winter Cozies

Pullover - J. Crew / Tee (similar) - Bobeau / Jeans (super similar here) - Madewell / Sneakers - New Balance / Bag (similar here, here, and here) - Sole Society / Necklace - Stella & Dot

I grabbed the camera when we were walking out the door while wearing this outfit, and Jeff said, "Wait, we're shooting that?"

Umm, yes Jeffrey, because athleisure is the best thing ever. I mean, basically the twenty-teen's gift to womankind. What are we calling this decade again?

I've been working from home a little more lately, and have basically been rotating between my favorite pullovers - the one I have here, the incredibly popular one from Abercrombie, my quilted sweatshirt from L.L.Bean (the exact one I have is sold out but this one is similar), and of course my better sweater. Which one is the best? I could never decide.

But this particular fleece is pink, so I basically wore it all weekend ;)

The pink is sadly sold out, but the fleece is still available in white. It's amazingly warm - like, my upper body wasn't cold at all while we were taking these pictures despite the wind. It is definitely cropped though, which I still like just because it's different from my other pullovers, but if you have a long torso it may not work for you.

I also got these sneakers in the mail over the weekend. I initially thought they were too big, but duh, I wasn't wearing socks. With socks they fit great ;) I actually ended up showing them to everyone I talked to on this particular day because they're made out of a super stretchy material unlike any other sneaker I've owned before, and they don't have a tongue - super easy for slipping on and off and super comfy! I'm thinking these are going to make the cut for our trip to Charleston over the weekend, because the navy is so cute it'll pair well with all of my spring clothes. Eek I'm so excited, let me know if you have any Charleston recommendations!

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This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...somehow managed to spend the whole long weekend without going out to eat - what?! I made a big batch of this pasta sauce from the archives (minus the extra veggies - whoops!) so we were still indulging ;)
...had a friend over for a little bit of playing board games and a lot of bit of wine! We only managed to get through one game of Catan but I consider the night a success since I won ;)
...got this dress in the mail, and it is amazing!!! I'm definitely bringing it with on our trip to Charleston (on Friday - eeeek!!!) and can't wait for Chicago to warm up so I can wear it here too. I also got this dress which is freaking gorgeous in person but more formal than I thought - would be great for a spring wedding!
...held a volunteer training for Destination Imagination - it's volunteer season again!! I've worked with the program for years (and used to compete) and I still get excited when it's competition time.
...went on one of those Target runs where you accidentally buy everything - whoops! My favorite purchases were these leather sneakers for Jeff (in stores they had a navy blue with brown accents), this candle (smells so good!), and these minimalist sandals.
...obviously watched tons and tons of Olympics - is anyone else totally obsessed with Adam Rippon now?!? Loooooooove!! Oh and obviously if you aren't following along with Tara and Johnny (and combined) then I don't even know what you're doing.
...oh and then to continue on with my weird obsessions, somehow got really into the new Queer Eye show on Netflix. I don't know how I even ended up clicking on it, and was pretty negative on the first episode at first, and then ended up crying by the end!! And then watched six more episodes. At least I'm not alone.

I hope you had a good one!

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Finds

BRB, trying to convince myself that I definitely don't need those pink bow heels. I mean, they aren't even on sale. I definitely can't buy them.


Please send help.

one / two / three / four / five

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Sweater - J. Crew / Coat - One Madison / Jeans (almost identical) - Madewell / Boots - Kaitlyn Pan / Bag (similar herehere, and here) - Sole Society / Earrings - BaubleBar

Another day, another inappropriate pair of shoes for the weather. 

Jeff and I went out for a little afternoon date over the weekend, and I honestly couldn't handle planning another outfit around snowboots. I actually hadn't been outside all day and was remembering that the sidewalks had been nicely shoveled the night before when I selected this particular pair of boots. Ummmm, mistake! I did, however, discover (while not trying to fall down) that I don't need to be quite so freaked out about wearing these boots in the snow or rain. They're actually made out of microsuede, not actual suede. I have no idea what that is, but apparently it still looks amazing despite how many slushy puddles you've carefully tiptoed through. Plus they're less than $100! 

I also decided to pop on my new favorite sweater again, but this time I wore it backwards. Err, forwards? Anyway, it looks just as cute with the deep v in the back as in the front, and it's fun to see how different it looks - two looks in one!

Something I didn't worry too much about? My hair! I made it amazingly crazy/curly/messy for my Shaun White costume on Friday night (which by the way, did anyone else see his big win??), slept on it, sprayed in a little dry shampoo and it wound up like this. Say what?! Do I always need to just have really weird day one hair to have great day two (and even day three) hair? I mean, I'm willing to give it a try ;) 

Anyway, between watching an incredible amount of sports and and The Bachelor, I'm very busy and can't spend any more time rambling. Here's hoping you have a great (Valentine's) day!!

 Sweater - J. Crew / Coat - One Madison / Jeans (almost identical) - Madewell / Boots - Kaitlyn Pan / Bag (similar herehere, and here) - Sole Society / Earrings - BaubleBar

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Monday, February 12, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...was in full Olympics mode. We went to a party on Friday night to watch the opening ceremony (and I dressed up as the Flying Tomato of course ;) where we ate our weight in bagel bites and pigs in a blanket and sliders, because is there any better way to celebrate the USA than that??
...spent all day Saturday watching more sports (SPORTS!) at home, and then when we finally managed to get our acts together and get out of the house, after grabbing a pizza at Corridor we headed to a bar to watch even more Olympics.
...and then, can you guess it, we spent all day Sunday with the Olympics on too. Do we have a problem? Just chanting USA over here ;)
...oh, and also did a little online shopping of course! The dress I ordered last weekend did NOT fit (way too narrow in the shoulders - so sad!) so I ordered this dress... and these sandals... and this dress... Once again, someone please remind me that I don't need a spring break wardrobe for our trip to Charleston.

I'm so excited for more Olympics AND The Bachelor AND Bachelor Winter Games this week, plus we have a little date planned for Valentine's Day!! Somehow, despite our lack of plans this weekend, I did NOT manage to create much blog content for this week (and I'm obviously too busy with the aforementioned television watching opportunities), so it's looking like there will just be a post on Wednesday and of course on Friday - see you then!

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Finds

Oh hey Friday, it's nice to see you again!! We're currently getting snowed in here in Chicago (stay warm out there friends!) and I clearly have warmer weather on the brain. I actually ordered that cute little embroidered dress earlier this week, I'll let you know how it is in person. 

Tonight, despite the weather, we're headed to an Olympics opening ceremony party, and I couldn't be more excited to wear my Shaun White costume again. Stay tuned on Instastories ;) 

Here's hoping you have a good one! 

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cozy Winter Layers

Sweater (similar here and here) and Tank - Abercrombie / Jeans (super similar pair, I think the only difference is 1" in the rise) - Madewell / Boots - L.L.Bean / Belt - Halogen / Bag (similar here, here, and here) - Sole Society / Coat - One Madison / Earmuffs (similar here and here) - LOFT / Scarf (similar here and here) - Forever 21

You guys. 

You gals? Do we prefer "you gals"? 

My sweater is from Abercrombie. Yes, you read that right. 

They've been low-key on my radar for a while, but when I decided I had to have that pullover, I decided to add a few more things to my cart for that sweet, sweet free shipping. Abercrombie has kind of amazing prices for great pieces, which is funny because I remember thinking it was so expensive back when I was in high school. Of course, the splurgiest items in my closet in those days were my $40 American Eagle jeans, so, you know, those were different times. 

These days, instead of crazy short mini skirts I'm looking at Abercrombie for all sorts of cute basics with a twist. Besides my beloved pullover (which I just so happen to be wearing while I type this) they also have adorable camis, a lot of pretty embroidered pieces, and such cute dresses for spring - I love this one!!

I wore this over the weekend to a friend's Super Bowl party (yes, the one where I brought a salad - cue the eye rolls) and it was nice to be cozy and comfortable, but still cute. As a bustier gal I don't really get to do the bralette thing, but I love that my tank gives the look of a bralette with my sweater. Other things I loved about Super Bowl Sunday? I won a square!! As I'm always telling Jeff, that's shoe money right there ;) 

Oh and before I go, my friends were making fun of me for my earmuffs over the weekend, but you guys, these things are amazing!! They are incredibly warm, and they let me go out in the winter with a ponytail or curls and not worry about them getting crushed. My mom bought me and my sister pairs for Christmas (and Santa happened to bring a pair for her too ;) so we spent Christmas bopping around in our matching gigantic earmuffs. 

Sweater (similar here and here) and Tank - Abercrombie / Jeans (super similar pair, I think the only difference is 1" in the rise) - Madewell / Boots - L.L.Bean / Belt - Halogen / Bag (similar herehere, and here) - Sole Society / Coat - One Madison / Earmuffs (similar here and here) - LOFT / Scarf (similar here and here) - Forever 21

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Current Wishlist: L.L.Bean

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but L.L.Bean has slowly become one of those stores I'm constantly shopping at - if you can tell from my Friday Finds, there's nearly always something catching my eye!

I love the preppy but not overly preppy vibe, their fun takes on classics, the cute leather details, and the nautical vibes. I'm also crazy about whoever is picking out their color palettes right now - items like this sweater are so fun! I also love this windbreaker I got last fall - it comes in red and navy now, and I'm holding myself back from buying another!

L.L.Bean also has some really great lookalike pieces for lower prices, like these shearling slippers that are almost identical to UGG's but for $70 instead of $120, or this sweater (I have a similar one that I love!) that's the same quality as a Patagonia but for $80 instead of $100. Plus L.L.Bean actually has sales!

Also, I mean obviously, there are the boots. The Bean boots. I bought a pair of shearling-lined boots this fall, and it was probably my best purchase ever. I'm pretty sure I wore them every day during that super cold spell at the end of December (and several times a week since then too), and they kept my feet warm even in our crazy cold weather. If you're going to go for it, you have to get the shearling insoles too. They are the most amazing things ever, it's like walking on a cloud.

Here are the rest of my picks:


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