Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Finds: NSale Under 50 Edition

Happy Friday!! I can't believe we're back to the weekend again - things have been picking up at work and this week flew by. I'm excited to unwind a little and get a little family time in!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public today, which means if you aren't a cardholder you can actually shop now and not be tortured by me repeatedly sharing things!! In case you missed it, here's my initial picks and my try-on session/reviews.

Today I decided to just share items that are still in stock and under $50 - score!

one / two / three / four / five

And because I couldn't actually keep it to five items, here are some more sale items under $50!

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Beach Life

Sweatshirt (similar here, here, and here) - Talbots / Shorts - J. Crew Factory / Sandals (similar here and here) - Old Navy

And just when you thought I was done with beach pictures, I snuck another set in! I actually thought I had shared everything from our trip to Florida at the beginning of June too, so it turns out we both got got. 

On beach trips I always pack a few sweatshirts, and inevitably it's always too warm to wear them! I swear, I even tried to pull one out at 7am one overcast morning, and I still ended up sweating. That's why I love this cute short sleeve pullover - it gives me a tiny bit of warmth but is still great for even the hottest of beach weeks. 

This exact sweatshirt is from last year (sorry sorry sorry for literally waiting a year to share it with you!!) but the joke may be on me because there's an even cuter option available this year. Somebody hold me back! 

And while we're talking about the outfit, I'd be remiss not to mention these white shorts. This pair has been my favorite for years now. They're so flattering and comfortable with a lot of stretch but somehow never seem to get stretched out. I've gotten crazy stains on them over the years but have always managed to get them out - my trick for keeping white bottoms fresh is this stain remover spray for any stains, and tossing a couple of bleach packets into the wash whenever they start looking dingy. 

These pictures are making me dream of another beach week - anyone else?! I'm amazingly good at relaxing, I could seriously spend a whole week just hanging out by a pool and not get bored. While we don't have another beach trip on the horizon, we are heading to Michigan next week with our friends to spend a weekend in a pretty house on a river - not quite the same trip but at least I'll get an excuse to wear this pullover again! 

Sweatshirt (similar herehere, and here) - Talbots / Shorts - J. Crew Factory / Sandals (similar here and here) - Old Navy

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

NSale Try Ons

Almost everything I ordered from Nordstrom arrived yesterday (the majority in one, comically large box) so I tried everything on for you last night! Unfortunately for my wallet, I liked more stuff than I thought I would, with the exception of the shoes. I'm sharing and linking everything, even items that are sold out, in the hope that they come back into stock when the sale goes live to the public on Friday. If you're a cardholder you can shop now, otherwise start making a wishlist!

Madewell Cardigan - originally $150, on sale $99.90, wearing a size large 
I freaking love this cardigan, it really feels like a high end piece. It's really thick and warm, and I love the waffle texture. It feels like something that could be worn as a coat or a sweater. The sleeves are also long enough on me (I actually have them rolled here).

Zella Leggings - originally $54.00, on sale $35.90, wearing a size xl
I didn't actually buy a new pair of leggings this year because these have held up so well! They're thick which makes them really flattering, with a high waist which means they don't fall down. I also love that the inseam is actually ankle length on me. I'm wearing these leggings with every outfit below, because it turns out I didn't actually order any pants this year!

Cole Haan Mules - originally $140, on sale $92.90, fit TTS 
I love the look of these, the tiny heel is flattering and the pointy toe is so chic. But my toe area is slightly wide (usually not enough to necessitate wearing a wide size) and the way these come in to a point was just not comfortable to me.

Halogen Tee - originally $39.00, on sale $24.90, wearing a size xl 
I got the scoop neck striped version of this tee last year and loved it, but don't love it quite as much this year in this color. It's a little thin and shiny, so I would need to wear a tank underneath. That being said, with the price and the comfort level of this tee, I'm going to keep it to layer under cardigans. What I do like is the tunic length and rounded hemline - it's perfect for wearing over leggings!

Thread & Supply Fleece Pullover - originally $78.00, on sale $51.90, wearing a size large in ivory
I thought 100% this would be going back based on the sizing description - I'm wearing a size large which is said to be a size 6-8 (ha, I'm usually in a 14 these days!) but the fit is still oversized! So I'd definitely suggest sizing down in this. It is amazingly cozy, like basically the softest thing I've ever put on my body. Word on the street from other bloggers is that while the tag says it's dry clean only, washing on delicate works just fine.

Adidas Sneakers - originally $85.00, on sale $63.90, fit TTS
I was worried the color of these would be a neon peach, but in real life they're actually more  pink and not neon at all. I also clearly have super picky feet (just read all of my shoe reviews in this post!) and these are so comfortable - I love the "sock" fit with no tags to rub my feet, and that they dip low on the sides so they don't hit my ankle bones either. Now to just decide whether to keep the pink or the grey... or both?

Halogen Cashmere Poncho - originally $149.00, on sale $98.90
I thought this was more of a true poncho, but the sides are actually completely open. That being said, it's really soft and comfortable, and really cute in person - I feel like the picture isn't doing it justice! Definitely a keeper. 

Gentle Souls Loafers - originally $149.95, on sale $99.90, fit TTS
So these are definitely grandma shoes (I mean, just look at the brand!) but grandma shoes might be what I need - they're so freaking comfortable!! They have a cushioned insole with heel and arch support, and the leather is super soft so there isn't any rubbing - no need to break in! My feet are going to love me when I wear these to work events this fall!

Sole Society Tote - originally $64.95, on sale $42.90
This tote is gorgeous in person, I love the mauve color!! It's such a pretty choice for fall. I love the hardware on the handles and the outside pocket - perfect for storing your phone on the go. It's also big enough to hold my laptop! Don't get scared off by the low star rating - apparently the one person who's reviewed it loved it but thought it was too big - what??

BP. Plaid Poncho - originally $39.00, on sale $25.90
Cute poncho - what more is there to say?! If it's in stock definitely grab this one!! Just a note that this is also completely open on the sides, but for some reason I expected it here.

UGG Waterproof Wedge Boot - originally $199.95, on sale $129.90
I really liked these at first - mainly for the concept. My friend got last year's version and I was jealous that she had such a cute snow boot option. They have cozy fur insoles like all UGG boots and actually aren't too high of a wedge. But they did hit my ankles in a weird way - something I thought could be remedied with socks. The more I wore them though, the more they started to pinch my toes, so they're headed back.

Leith Cardigan - originally $65.00, on sale $43.90, wearing a size xl
This cardigan is comfy, a cute color, and flattering. I love that the sleeves are long enough (cuffing them here) and that the length isn't too long so I can wear it with shorter coats and not look like a dummy. 

Madewell Mule Sandals - originally $148.00, on sale $98.90, fit TTS 
I wanted to love these, I really did. The heel height isn't too high and I love the color. But, the front cut out pinched down on my toes with every step. So, back they go! 

Leith Doloman Sleeve Cardigan - originally $65.00, on sale $42.90, wearing a size large
I think I would have kept this if I didn't realize I already have something just like it, and liked the other pink Leith cardigan better! But this cardigan is also really comfortable and cute, so I wouldn't not recommend it. 

Adidas Sneakers - originally $85.00, on sale $63.90, fit TTS
These are the exact same sneaker as the pink - just have to decide which color I like better!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

White Peplum Tee

Top - J. Crew Factory / Shorts - Old Navy / Bag (similar here) - Gap / Sunglasses - c/o Sunglass Warehouse / Earrings - BaubleBar / Sandals - TKEES

In case you haven't caught on quite yet, there are few things I like more for summer than a little blue and white mixed together. It's pretty, it's crisp, and it just screams warm weather. Or Grecian island vacation. One of the two. 

What I love most about summer is that it makes Jeff and I more spontaneous. We're both homebodies and perfectly content to spend a whole day inside, and when it's cold out that's usually what ends up happening. But in the summer? We may be laying on the couch one minute, and then heading out to grab a sausage and a beer on the roof at Gene's the next. Which, yes, was exactly what was happening when we snapped these pics. 

Usually when we go to Gene's we end up dying of heat stroke and hiding in the shade, but on this particular trip we got perfect summer weather so we actually got to enjoy the sunshine (after I slathered myself in SPF 70, of course). I snagged a cheesey Italian sausage because I'm a child and have to get anything on the menu that mentions the word "cheese" and we grabbed a pitcher of beer to really get our afternoon started haha ;) 

I grabbed this tee on sale a while ago but this was actually the first time I wore it out of the house - it turns out it needs exactly the right Chicago weather (i.e. no wind, no rain) to work. With any bit of wind it was basically blowing up and off of my body, which is not a show I like to give, and with rain it turns completely see-through. It is a little on the sheer side, but with a nude bra and a sunny weather forecast you should be good to go! 

Top - J. Crew Factory / Shorts - Old Navy / Bag (similar here) - Gap / Sunglasses - c/o Sunglass Warehouse / Earrings - BaubleBar / Sandals - TKEES

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Monday, July 16, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...met up with our friends Kelsey and Jason (and their cute little newborn James) at Bang Bang Biscuits & Pie, also known as the best breakfast in our neighborhood! I hadn't gotten a chance to meet James yet and he is the cutest (of course, he rudely slept almost the whole time ;). I got the garden biscuit which I haven't had before, it was a really good kale salad with a goat cheese biscuit - yum!
...continued my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping! I ordered a ton of stuff on Thursday with the intention of getting everything on that first day so I could earn all of the points, but that strategy didn't quite work because come Saturday I was still dreaming of these cute winter boots and this plaid popover. Whoops. Most of the things I ordered are supposed to come early this week, so I'll try to do a try-on session before the sale opens up to the public on Friday!
...went out for a little dinner date to Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba with Jeff, which is actually where we had our first date, oh gosh, seven and a half years ago now?! We haven't been in a few years now so it was a fun trip down memory lane, remembering how we both seemingly walked up to the door at the same time and I thought it was fate, when really Jeff had been nervously circling the block for twenty minutes! If you're going out for tapas, my favorite thing is always the padron peppers. They're little flash-fried peppers covered in oil and salt and usually aren't spicy at all, just little crunchy flavor bombs.
...spent a bit of the weekend feeling under the weather, but instead of laying on the couch and watching the World Cup or Wimbleton, I went for a Harry Potter marathon - nerd alert!
...drove out to the burbs to see our friends' new house, where I completely city-girled out (omg a yard! a pantry! hahaha). Jeff and I are definitely still city kids, but a house with a connected garage that would actually fit our car sounds really nice ;)

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Finds

Happy Friday!! After a crazy couple months with lots of travel and also lots of family parties thanks to my brother being in town (he and his wife live in South Korea and just flew home on Wednesday :( but have been here visiting for the past month) this are finally starting to calm down. Looking forward to actually getting a few things done around the house and enjoying the city!!

Here are my finds for the week:

one / two / three / four / five

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - First Glance Picks

Oh hey there, in case you somehow haven't heard the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts today for cardholders (apply here if you want to shop the sale early - otherwise full access starts on July 20th). There's always a ton of hype around the sale, but I wasn't too excited for it from looking at the catalogue. However, now that I'm able to see everything that's available, I'm getting really pumped for all of the basics, as well as seeing a lot of my favorites from the sale last year come back.

Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns with an unlimited return policy (I seriously saw a woman return a pair of boots she had bought five years ago on a card that was now expired, and they gave her a full refund!) so my recommendation is, if you see something you think you'd want, just buy it now since you can easily return it later. Last year I tried to budget and only ended up keeping a few things from the sale, and ended up going back and buying a lot of the basics from the sale later at full price.

So, onto the good stuff!! Let's start with bottoms. These leggings are my absolute favorite and I buy a new pair every year (come in plus sizes too) because they're so comfortable, have a long enough inseam for me, and don't fall down. I also grabbed these faux leather leggings last year and love them (worn here) - they're also available in a moto style. I also bought these jeans last year and love them, they're perfect if you carry a little more weight around your middle.

Okay, now it's on to sweaters! I'm clearly dying to add a pink cardigan to my closet - I already ordered this one ;) But really, the thing I would snag now would be a poncho sweater - I have a feeling this plaid one is going to sell out ASAP!! 

There weren't a ton of coats and jackets that caught my eye, but if you've been loving the burgundy coat that I share all the time (including in our Paris photos!), there's a super similar one on sale now! This jacket is also really similar to the faux suede jacket I snagged last year (worn here). I'm also really strongly considering this zip-up casual jacket - Jeff has one like it and I was jealous of it all of last year!

OMG, shoes. Lol, did I wake up a little too early this morning? What I'm most exited about are sneakers in this sale, which may be a sign I'm getting old - how cute are these pink ones?! I'm also loving the idea of a waterproof boot for winter so I don't have to wear my snowboots every day like I did last year - either these heeled boots or the over the knee version.

As far as tops go, I'm mostly looking to stock up on tees like this one during the sale, but there are a few fun blouses out there too! I already have this tee in red (worn here), so I'm excited to see it in black and white stripes!

In case you aren't quite ready to shop for fall yet, there are a bunch of cute dresses included in the sale too - you know I'm loving this blue striped dress!

There weren't a ton of bags that caught my eye, but I have been wanting a new tote and the color of this one is gorgeous!!

Aaaaaand, we're done!! Here's hoping this post was helpful as you shop the sale - let me know what's your favorite!

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