Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Maternity Top for Now and Later

Top (similar maternity, exact non-maternity, more colors non-maternity) - LOFT / Vest (similar)                                - Old Navy / Maternity Leggings (or my favorite non-maternity) - Blanqi / Bag - Tory Burch / Boots - Sole Society 

Okay, so I know I keep talking about trying not to buy maternity clothes, but I have grabbed the occasional piece, like a dress for my baby shower over the weekend, and this top. When buying maternity pieces, I've tried to look for things that don't really look maternity so I'll be able to get some use out of them once the baby is here. This tunic sweater is basically the same as an oversized non-maternity sweater, it's just cut slightly longer in the front. No ruching or empire waist or ties that will give it away as a maternity top. And really, on my body type, a longer cut in the front is actually good for me whether or not my body is cooking a baby. If a longer front won't work on you, you could always do a front tuck into some distressed jeans, or a full tuck into a skirt. 

These pictures are actually from Thanksgiving - the bump has only gotten bigger since then!! 

Top (similar maternityexact non-maternitymore colors non-maternity) - LOFT / Vest (similar)                                - Old Navy / Maternity Leggings (or my favorite non-maternity) - Blanqi / Bag - Tory Burch / Boots - Sole Society 

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Monday, December 10, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went to see Yippie Ki-Yay Merry Christmas, a musical comedy show one of our friends wrote a few years ago that's getting bigger every year! This is actually the first time I've seen it (most of our friends go every year) and it was hilarious, I almost died during a song about the FBI and America. Very glad I watched Die Hard ahead of time though since it's a parody!
...had a bunch of friends over for a white elephant party and ended up with a coozie that's connected to a remote control so you can find where you set down your drink at a party, lollllllllllll. That's a white elephant for you! It was really fun to have everyone over and see a few of the kiddos that came, including our friend's brand new baby girl!! My hormones must be working because I am so baby crazy right now haha, she was just the sweetest.
...went to my first baby shower for me!! My sister and mom threw it and it was so cute, the theme was "Baby It's Cold Outside" and there was a fun little hot chocolate bar set up, and of course the donut wall we have to have at every party now (like my sister's sprinkle and my SIL's baby shower). Now that we have a ton of new baby gear (thanks so much everyone!!) this whole baby thing is feeling a lot more real - only two and a half months out now!!!

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday Finds

one / two / three / four / five

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Pregnancy Update: Welcome to the Third Trimester!

I haven't been sharing a lot of true pregnancy updates in this little space, just tidbits here and there, so I thought I'd share how things have been going! I'm 28 weeks right now, so officially in the third trimester and according to most people in month seven. (If you haven't been pregnant before, the months thing doesn't really make sense and there are different definitions of when you're in each month!)

Second Trimester

The second trimester really was a breeze. Everyone says it's the easy part of pregnancy, and they were not wrong, I felt great for most of it! I also have been feeling the baby move all over the place from around week 22. Usually you can feel the baby earlier, but I have an anterior placenta which blocked the early kicks. So far it doesn't hurt, it just feels really weird. I called it "disconcerting" at first because it felt like there was something wrong with my body! Now I'm used to it and like feeling it (except when she kicks me right in the butt!), and Jeff has finally managed to feel a couple kicks too!

Pregnancy Symptoms

I did have some hip pain show up around week 20, which seems to be basically clockwork for that particular symptom. I figured out that it was worse because I'm actually too tall for my pregnancy pillow so my ankles were out of alignment. I put another pillow at my feet and it's been pretty much smooth sailing since then. This is my pregnancy pillow, even though it's too short for me I really like it because I don't have to move it around if I turn over!

The other thing I've been dealing with since around week 10 is terrible acne on my chin - like by far the worst of my life! I recently realized that it actually improved every time I travelled, and on each trip I wouldn't bring my night cream to save space. Well I cut out the night cream at home too and it seems to have gotten a lot better - fingers crossed it's done.


I've actually been a little disappointed that I haven't had any weird pregnancy cravings! I just want to send my husband out at night to buy me something crazy, is that so much to ask?! Really since I stopped with weird eating habits around week 16 (did I tell you I stopped eating meat for a while?! And eggs?!) I've mostly just been wanting all of the sugar! I normally wouldn't ever go out to buy a cookie or ice cream in the middle of a work day unless a coworker suggested it, but I've been going all the time lately! Beatrix is right by my office and their cookies are dangerous ;) I also am always in the mood for pancakes for breakfast, and normally I'm a savory breakfast kind of girl.

Naming our little girl

We still haven't decided on a name, but our short list has been narrowed down to three! I think I've mentioned it before, but we're having a tricky time with little girls names because we either dislike the nickname, or like the nickname but dislike the full name it goes with. We also are looking to avoid names or nicknames ending in a "y" since baby's last name will end in a "y." We're into classic names, so if you have any suggestions let us know!

The Third Trimester

Let me tell you, I am glad that we went to Hawaii when we did, because basically as soon as we got back I've been uncomfortable every day. I would die now if I had to go on a 9 hour plane ride! Either my back hurts or my hips hurt or my ribs hurt. Everything is just getting too squished in there! I honestly can't figure out a good way to sit and work besides changing my seat every hour. Whenever I'm home I have to take laying breaks, although that's a little weirder in the office ;)

While things have been getting harder, I weirdly love that my body is finally really starting to look pregnant! Since oversized tops are in fashion, a lot of my regular clothes still fit and I felt like I could still hide the bump up until a week or two ago. Now it's large and in charge though, there's no more hiding it!! I also swapped out my regular tees (they were starting to get too short!) to some with ruched sides which really show off the bump. I think it's because I've always carried more weight in my stomach, but I really like that I'm actually pregnant and can show off my stomach instead of trying to hide it!

Baby Girl is growing and is right on target according to the doc. We can't wait to meet her in February!!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What's On My Holiday Wish List

What are your thoughts on gift guides? For me, it usually becomes too much to the point where they aren't even helpful anymore. So instead of sharing lists and lists of potential gifts, I thought I'd share what's actually on my holiday wish list this year! Talk about a curated list ;) 

And Mom, I couldn't put everything on my wishlist into this collage, so yes, if you bought something that's not on here, I do still want it!! 
Cravings: Hungry for More - Chrissy Tiegen's first cookbook was so good that I need this one too! It's maximalist cooking in the best possible way, and sometimes that's just the kind of recipe you want. I also have my favorite food blogger's new cookbook on my list - another maximalist! I guess they'll balance out my SkinnyTaste collection ;)
Madewell Coatigan - This cardigan has been all over blog land and Instagram this fall, isn't it pretty?! Something to add to my gigantic cardigan collection for maternity / breastfeeding wear ;)
Champagne Glasses - We somehow own what feels like 100 wine glasses but no champagne glasses, and I've been wanting a few for celebrating! Aren't these pink and gold ones pretty?? Sidebar: I went to school in Champaign, IL, and I still mix up the spellings for the two!
Fur Lined Mittens - A friend mentioned last year that her hands would get so cold pushing her daughter's stroller around, and since my hands are always freezing I decided to get ahead of the problem. I snagged a pair of ski mittens on Amazon (per the recommendation of Kelly in the City) but wanted a prettier pair too.
Tassel Scarf - How fun is this scarf?! I obviously love my multitude of plaid scarves (I just found another in my closet - that makes seven!!) but like having other options too!
Madewell Zippered Transport Tote - This has been on my wishlist for years but I never pulled the trigger - this year I finally thought to put it on my holiday wish list! It's so pretty and classic, something you'd have for years.
Barcelona Charm - Last year Jeff gave me a charm bracelet for Christmas, so I've been asking for charms for every special occasion since. Barcelona was our first international trip together and where we got engaged!
Ninja Blender - I've been making a lot of smoothies lately, and my old $20 blender from college is about to bite the dust so I thought I'd upgrade. My favorite is blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds, spinach, and coconut water, but since we got back from Hawaii I've been experimenting with tropical flavors too.
Nest Birchwood Pine Candle - This is the BEST holiday scent and by far my favorite candle. I have to hold myself back from burning it all day every day ;) I love the big size since it lasts so long.
Herbivore Set - I love the body scrub and have been using it weekly to keep my skin soft and to try to prevent stretch marks - would love to try some of their other products too!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Weekend Style

Vest - Patagonia / Flannel Shirt and Tee - J.Crew Factory / Maternity Leggings (or my favorite non-maternity) - Blanqi / Sneakers - New Balance / Hat - J.Crew / Bag (similar here and here) - Coach Factory / Necklace - Stella & Dot

Continuing with the series of "Kristina wears things on top of tee shirts and leggings," we now have the addition of a flannel and vest! The whole not buying maternity clothes thing is starting to get a little harder, but I still have so many pieces to mix and match in my closet that I haven't had too hard of a time getting dressed yet. 

This combo has been my go-to for the weekends lately (you know, as long as it's not raining or snowing or with a windchill below freezing) since it looks put together but is still comfy and casual.  I'm really glad I snagged this white and green flannel a few months ago because it worked so well for fall, but now the green feels festive and ready for the holidays. Oh and this vest? It actually was a freebie from my company, there's a little logo on the back! I initially was like, "why would they give me this vest, I'm never ever ever going to wear it, blah blah blah," (essentially being a brat for getting a nice present - great look Kristina) but now that my other vests are all feeling a little small I've actually been wearing this one a lot! It's such a nice extra layer for wearing out and about or layering under a coat on colder days. So thanks work for the gift!! 

I also have to throw a shout out to this hat - it's the one I own in four colors now and is my absolute favorite! How fun is the little pom pom? Plus I love that it's warm and fully covers my ears - a must for windy winter days in Chicago. I also have it in green, red, and pink, and while those are all fun sometimes you just need some basic black!!

What are you guys up to this week? We're currently trying to whip our house into shape because we're hosting a little Christmas party over the weekend. I'm also babysitting Jeff's baby sister alone tonight for the first time - wish me luck!! 

 Vest - Patagonia / Flannel Shirt and Tee - J.Crew Factory / Maternity Leggings (or my favorite non-maternity) - Blanqi / Sneakers - New Balance / Hat - J.Crew / Bag (similar here and here) - Coach Factory / Necklace - Stella & Dot

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Monday, December 3, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...had a little dinner date at Caro Mio - yay for giant servings of pasta! Remember how I said I hadn't wanted alcohol at all during my pregnancy? Well it turns out now I'm craving a big old glass of red wine, Jeff's looked so good during dinner! I sadly stuck with my Pellegrino though. There's only a few more months, I can make it!!
...went out to Target not once but twice looking for Christmas decorations!! And really, I hadn't actually been since before Thanksgiving, so I was long overdue for a Target binge ;) You can see some of what I came home with here. We also made our first Trader Joe's run in a few months and came home with basically everything in the freezer section (breaded cheese balls and cauliflower onion dip, yes please!) hahaha. Sometimes I go and nothing catches my eye, but this was not one of those trips.
...drove up to the burbs for a movie date with Jeff and my sister to see Crimes of Grindelwald. We're all Harry Potter nerds, so you know, it was basically required. Now while we still enjoyed the movie, we went out afterwards and spent the whole time talking about things we didn't like. It was a little rough and I think they tried to do a little too much in too little time. Anyone else see it?
...baked a batch of my favorite Christmas cookies! I've made these a bunch of times, and when I mixed up the dough this time it just didn't look right, so I figured they'd turn out bad. Nope, turns out they're the best I've ever made them, and the closest in taste to the ones my grandma makes! So now the question is, did I do something wrong to the recipe this time, or have I done something wrong every other time I've made them??

It was a little hard writing such an upbeat post, as we've gotten bad news about several of our friends and family members over the past few days. Sending positive thoughts their way and hoping all of you are well out there!

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