Oh, hello!  My name is Kristina and I'm a twenty something living and blogging out of my bedroom in Chicago.  I pretend to be a writer, a crafter, a hairstylist, and an artist.  I aspire one day to actually know how to work my sewing machine, be a designer by trade, and own a teacup pig.

Kristina does the Internets is a Life & Style blog based around some of my favorite things, including style, eating, crafting, and beauty.

I'm one of those girls who can spend hours in my closet putting outfits together and am always searching for the best deals, so I share my personal style each week. I'm also slowly getting over my not so legit shopping addiction from working in the Chicago Loop by blogging about my budget each month.

Eating is basically always on my mind, so I share a lot of recipes that revolve around the super healthy ingredients of sausage, pasta, and chocolate. I also love trying new restaurants, and share the hot spots I've recently hit in my weekend recaps.

I also love to create, and share my craft and DIY projects. I got married last summer and have also been elbow deep in glitter ever since from creating wedding goods.

My bathroom is bursting to the seams with face washes, hair masks and other beauty products, so I share reviews of the latest products I'm trying, and also a hair tutorial now and then.

Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear from you. Contact me here.

I use affiliate links on my blog. That means every time you click on a link, I earn a few cents. Thank you for supporting Kristina does the Internets!


  1. I am a pinterest-ing, broccoli-eating and Liz Lemon loving graphic designer in Chicago as well! Crazy! Great to meet you via the blogosphere --I'll definitely be reading along : )

  2. Love your blog and photos :) Mel