Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Finds

Oh hello, here are a few of the things on my wishlist right now! I maaaaaay have put #4 in my shopping cart while writing this post ;) Happy Friday!

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Budget

Every month I post about my clothing budget. My budget per month is $300, which to some may seem like a lot and to others a little, but feels just right for me. You can read my thoughts on my 2015 budget here

Well this month's budget post is a little confusing - I went to the outlet mall and actually bought a bunch of stuff, which of course isn't available online. Lately I haven't had any patience for malls, but I stopped by the Aurora Premium Outlets on my way home from volunteering a couple of weekends ago determined to find some new business-appropriate attire for my trip to San Francisco last week, and oh did I find a few things ;) I had to hold myself back from buying up everything. And while I found some cute businessy items, I also came home with this adorable striped sweatshirt, because who can say no to a sweatshirt that's 1000x cuter than any other sweatshirt? Anyway, here's the damage for April:

J. Crew Factory Sweatshirt - originally $69.50, on sale $35.25
J. Crew Factory Tee Dress - Originally $98, on sale $59.50
J. Crew Factory Striped Popover - originally $64.50, on sale $37.50

Ann Taylor Factory Striped Skirt (similar) - originally $89.99, on sale $36.00
The Limited Factory Dress (similar) - originally $109.95, on sale $55.47

Total Spent: $223.72
Total Saved: $208.22

Honestly I'm not really surprised that I was under budget again since I didn't do a ton of shopping in April besides my outlet mall binge, but I do feel an over budget month on the horizon. I have a couple of trips coming up which means, of course, I need things (ahem, not really, but you know), plus summer clothes are my favorite so I'm sure I'll be spending a lot in May & June.

Did you budget in April? How did you do?

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Anniversary Gifts

This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

A couple of weeks ago Jeff and I remembered it was our dating anniversary, and now we're somehow only two months away from our first wedding anniversary! (Psst want to see the million wedding photos I posted? You can see them all again here). I understandably have anniversary presents on the brain. Of course, we decided our roof deck will be our present to each other (err, it may also have been our Christmas present to each other...) but that doesn't mean I can't get him something small, right? Don't worry, I'll tell him I'm getting him something small and not buy a present for him and expect that he'll think to get me a present and then be all mad when he doesn't ;)

I feel like at this point in our relationship I've gone through all of the regular gifts for a man, like a watch, computer bag, clothes, a dopp kit, drinking accessories, grill accessories... I was looking for something different, and that's when Uncommon Goods stepped in. Uncommon Goods offers fun and different items you won't find anywhere else, like jewelry, designer decor, tabletop items, and unique gifts. Gifts for men are always super hard so it's great to have Uncommon Goods as a resource when my brain goes totally blank. They also offer a whole range of personalized gifts (find them here) that are so much more than a monogram, like art, kitchen items, this super adorable wedding bowl. On top of that they also care about giving back - through their Better to Give program Uncommon Goods donates $1 to the non-profit of your choice. Since they started the Better to Give program 12 years ago, Uncommon Goods has donated over $1Million to charities around the world!

So anyways, on to what I picked out for Jeff! I know that the first anniversary is supposed to be paper (ahem, only because I read Gone Girl, which is a particularly weird reason) but wood is like, pre-paper, amiright? These Chicago "Neighborwoods" coasters and wall decor are so adorable I'm definitely saying that yes, they count ;) I mean the little Lake Michigan one? Dying. And, you know, Jeff loves them, which is really the most important thing. The coasters and wall decor also come in sets for a bunch of other cities in the U.S. and Europe (the European coasters are here) so you can find a set that's special for you. If I picked a second set I would definitely go for Rome - it's where we went on our honeymoon!

For more ideas on fun and unique anniversary gifts, click here.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blue & White & Pink

Dress - Old Navy / Jacket (similar) - J. Crew Factory / Sandals (similar) - Michael Kors / Bag (similar) - Coach Factory / Necklace (similar) - BaubleBar

My sister and I went shopping for summer clothes for my baby niece a little while ago and were joking that her color scheme for the summer is going to be "blue and white with pops of pink" - looks like that's going to be me too! I tried on this dress at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago and had to have it (and then returned it and repurchased it online after discovering it was way on sale on the internets) and was so excited to finally be able to pull it out over the weekend. Old Navy sizing can be a bit inconsistent, but I would definitely say to size down for this dress - I'm wearing a medium. The reviews online said that it was ill-fitting and unflattering, but for this curvy girl it is perfect

I don't know about you, but my favorite season for clothes is definitely summer. Sure, I get excited every fall to pull out my boots and jackets, but that is nowhere near my excitement level to start wearing dresses and skirts again without tights. Skirts and dresses tend to be the most flattering on me, but I also love them because they're the great fashion equalizer. Wear a dress and tights in the winter and you're definitely dressed up, but a dress in the summer can easily fit into the dress code no matter the occasion. Plus, you know, the twirling.

What's your favorite season to dress for?

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Monday, April 25, 2016

This Weekend...

What I packed for San Fran - yes, I may have a problem ;)

After a week in San Francisco for a work conference, I was back in Chicago for (most of) the weekend. San Fran was incredibly busy and hectic and crazy but also lots of fun - I managed to sneak away for dinner with one of my besties at Hog Island for all of the oysters, and we had a crazy circus-themed party on Thursday at San Francisco Design Center with MarchForth, which is this crazy marching band/circus act. Anyway, back to the weekend - this weekend I...

...Met up to celebrate a friend's birthday at Jane's and managed to eat all of the carbs, because, you know, why go no-carb or low-carb when you could go all-carb? Afterwards we went across the street to Bucktown Pub to watch the Blackhawks win! I'm not like, "into sports," but Chicago gets so excited about the hawks that it's hard not to get swept up into it!
...Got my hair done, got my nails done, and drank all of the wine #roseallday.
...Laid out on our roof deck (don't worry, in the shade!) even though it isn't quite done yet. I'm seriously dying I want it to be finished so badly. We're just waiting right now for an electrician to come to install some outlets and lighting and a ceiling fan.

And that's about it! I hope you had a good one!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Finds

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Little Leather

Shirt (similar) - LOFT / Skirt - J. Crew / Heels - Michael Kors / Bag (similar) - Coach Factory / Bracelet (similar) - BaubleBar

My very first thought when I saw this skirt was that I wanted to pair it with this oxford - you know, a little leather and a little blink. I don't know if you can tell, but I love this shirt (seen here, here, here...). It's basically your regular classic oxford, but with a little extra sparkle. If I could have a little extra sparkle on every clothing item I owned I would basically be in heaven. Maybe I should buy a bedazzler....

This week I've been traveling for work and needed to dress up a bit, and I love having this skirt in my arsenal. I always want to wear a-line shapes because they're the most flattering on my body, but they can also end up looking a little too sweet in a business setting. Put an a-line in leather though, and everyone knows not to mess with you. Especially all of the 22 year old boys I work with. Gotta keep 'em in check somehow ;)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mother's Day Gifts

I'm not sure how it happened, but Mother's Day is only two and a half weeks away! I'm sure you would argue that your mom is the best, but seriously, my mom is the best, so I like to spoil her a little for Mother's Day. My mom is always putting others in front of herself, so I like to look for little luxuries that she would never think to spend money on for herself, like pretty jewelry, a nice candle, or fancy beauty products. Happy almost Mother's Day Mom!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why I'm Not Apologizing for my Pale Legs

Dress and Bag (similar shape / similar color)- Gap / Chambray (similar) - LOFT / Sneakers (similar) - Reebok / Necklace (similar) - Girly / Watch - Wristology

There's something that drives me crazy every spring in the blogosphere and in real life, and that's girls complaining or even apologizing for how pale they are. Why would that be something to apologize for? Not to get on a high horse about skin color, but there's something so wrong and backward about women feeling they have to apologize for their skin color. If you're pale, then your legs are the color they're supposed to be, and that's beautiful. No ladies, we don't need to get spray tans (or real tans - but seriously, please don't get a real tan) to be beautiful. Your skin is gorgeous just the way it is.

Anyway, enough preaching. We had some seriously gorgeous weather this weekend, and my friend and I decided to take advantage of it by going to a Cubs game. I didn't feel like pulling out my Cubs gear (although I did buy a new hat at the stadium after losing mine in an unfortunate boating incident last summer!) so I decided to go sporty instead with this sweatshirt dress. I got a little excited this January and bought a couple of sweatshirt dresses thinking that spring would be coming soon, and was excited to finally break this one out. With a chambray shirt tied around my waist and some sneakers it was perfect for sitting out in the sun (covered in sunscreen of course!) and watching some good old fashioned baseball (errr, or really mostly gossiping and eating all of the junk food ;)

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Monday, April 18, 2016

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Spent most of the weekend out in DeKalb with my sister volunteering for Destination Imagination (we work with the Improv group so we mostly spend the day laughing) and enjoying the beautiful weather. About this time every year I wish I lived a little further west so that I wouldn't have to deal with this 10 degrees cooler by the lake nonsense. Then summer hits and I remember why living by the lake is so awesome.
...Stopped by the Aurora Outlet Mall and actually shopped. Shocker. Usually when I go to the mall these days I'm on a mission and just run in and out. For some reason I was able to tolerate the crowds (maybe because it's an outdoor mall and it's beautiful out?) and actually walked away with a few things, including this adorable striped sweatshirt.
...Went to a Cubs game with a friend, and while I didn't drink at all I did manage to eat a pretzel and a hot dog. Oh and some baseball happened I think.
...Our furniture for our front balcony arrived, and just in time for the nice weather! We had grilled and had dinner out on it on Sunday night and it was freaking amazing - I'm so glad to have so much outdoor space in this house. I can't wait to spend all summer out there!

I hope you had a good one! I'm heading to San Francisco for the week for work so I've scheduled some posts ahead of time. Catch you on the flippity flop! Or something less embarrassing!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Finds

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Black and White and Red All Over

Dress and Earrings (similar) - J. Crew Factory / Bag - Gap / Flats - BP / Bracelet - BaubleBar

I always have this struggle living in Chicago, in that I always want to wear my pretty dresses and heels, but 99% of the time it ends up feeling too dressy. Chicago is a really casual town, and unless you're going to one of the fanciest of restaurants (Spiaggia, I'm looking at you!) jeans are appropriate just about everywhere. To combat that overdressed feeling, I often pair my dresses with flats instead! Instead of dressed up, I end up feeling "fresh as a daisy," as Issac Mizrahi has said about one million times over this current season of Project Runway All Stars. Yes, hat show is still on, and yes, I definitely still watch.

I wore this to head to Bistro Campagne over the weekend with Jeff to celebrate our fifth dating-aversary. We both literally forgot what day our dating anniversary was since we have a wedding one to remember now, and really had to think hard to figure out the date. I'm glad we figured it out because dinner was so fun! I had a hard time convincing Jeff on Bistro Campagne because he's not that into French food, but really what he's not into is food that's too fussy. This definitely was not fussy French, more at-home classic French cooking. Plus there was live music, a table by the window overlooking their adorable little patio (take me back during warmer weather, please!) and some champagne on the house to help us celebrate. I might keep up with this whole two anniversaries thing - that is, if I can manage to remember them both!

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