Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Vacation

And I'm back!

My time off from the blog was so nice you guys. I mean, I missed you of course, but it was nice to just have some time to relax. And relax we did. Besides a very busy couple of days before and after Christmas, Jeff and I have been vegging like nobody's business. We didn't even manage to make it out for New Year's, and spent the night on the couch in our pj's instead. I finished a puzzle, worked on a lot of wedding stuff, and consumed much more wine than usual. Probably the most amusing thing we did though was go to an Into the Woods themed costume party with some of my neighborhood friends from home, where I was Rapunzel and my partner was "Prince Charming." I also got to check out The Dawson and Viaggio, went to see The Hobbit and Into the Woods, actually got Jeff to go shopping with me twice, started learning Italian via Duolingo for our honeymoon, and of course got my requisite cupcake fill.

I hope you had a great holiday season!

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  1. Anytime you can consume more wine than normal is a gooooood time!

  2. A good blog break can be really refreshing. It sounds like you had an awesome break!

    PS - We're also spending part of our honeymoon in Italy. When are you getting married? :)

  3. You guys are so cute! I think I need to take a little blog break sometime - totally healthy idea! XO

  4. What an adorable pictures. Welcome back! :D

  5. Aw sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing time off! But welcome back to blogging :)


  6. Sounds like an amazing time off!! I'm glad you're back :)


  7. This all sounds like the PERFECT holiday break! (Especially the cupcakes and wine!)

    dash dot dotty

  8. Welcome back! I saw those cupcakes on your Instagram + man do they look good!

    xo, Maddy