Monday, June 27, 2016

Fourth of July Party Ideas

Oh hey, are you planning on throwing a little party for the Fourth of July? I sure hope so, it's the perfect day for a little backyard barbecue. Or, you know, if you're feeling a little crazy, have a party on the 3rd instead - you won't be competing with other parties, and everyone has the 4th off of work so they can stay out past their bedtimes ;)

If you are planning on throwing a Fourth of July party, here are a few ideas to make your party extra special:

American Flag Photobooth (additional photos here)

Blue - 1 part UV Blue, 2 parts Lemonade, 1 part Sprite, splash of Sour Mix

Red - 1 part pineapple-infused Malibu, 2 parts orange juice, 1 part Sprite, enough grenadine to turn it red

Are you still looking for something to wear on the Fourth? Here are a few of my top pics: 

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