Monday, August 31, 2020

Motherhood Monday: Mia's Schedule at 18 Months

Baby schedule at 18 months

When this girl turn into a full-on toddler?!? I realized I haven't shared her schedule in a while, so I wanted to share before we start our preschool pod next week. (Yes, we are in a preschool pod. Words I never thought I'd hear myself say! Just with a couple of other toddlers we know and whose parents we trust. You can read about why we stopped going to daycare here.) 

7am: Wake up and start the day! I'm in charge in the mornings, which is very handy for outfit selections. We head upstairs, immediately chug a sippy cup of water, and usually start our day with a few books.

8am: Breakfast! Mia really does eat as much as you may have seen in my Instagram stories, usually two kinds of fruit, eggs, toast with cheese, maybe some more fruit if she cleans her plate, and Cheerios. 

8:30am: We usually head out for a long walk or to the park to burn off some energy as long as the weather is nice. Then we'll come home and generally destroy the living room until its time for lunch. No morning snacks here since breakfast and lunch are 3 hours apart. 

11am: Lunch time! Jeff is usually in charge of lunch, but we aim for one fruit, one vegetable, and a peanut butter sandwich or leftovers from the night before. 

11:30am: Additional living room destruction and wind down to nap time. 

12:30-ish pm: Nap time! We are currently trying to push her nap back a little to get ready for the pod. Some days Mia naps for 2+ hours, but usually she wakes up screaming at the 45 minute mark and won't fall back asleep. 

1:15pm: We watch an episode of Sesame Street or read books to try to calm down from the screaming end of naptime. 

2pm: Snack! Mia usually eats some crackers, cheese, and maybe a little more fruit. Snacks are usually pretty small, she just isn't very interested. 

3pm: More outdoor time - we head up to our roof deck or go for another walk. 

5pm: Dinner! We try to mix things up but Mia usually ends up with a vegetable, sweet potatoes or another side, and pasta with meat and cheese in it. She often gets our leftovers here too. 

5:30pm: We usually FaceTime with a grandparent, run around the living room screaming, and climb on furniture when we hit the toddler witching hour. If it's been a long day, we might do a little more screen time. 

6:15pm: If it's a bath night we head on in to bubble up. Mia has really sensitive skin so we try to only do baths 2x a week. 

6:45pm: We head downstairs to brush teeth, get in pajamas, read two books, and go to sleep! 

So basically it's two five-hour awake windows, with a meal or snack every three hours. We try not to let Mia snack in-between meals so she'll be hungry for those vegetables. 

Toddler schedule at 18 months

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