Monday, August 17, 2020

Motherhood Monday: Mia's Fall Wardrobe

Last year, as a new, naive mommy, I waited until September to try to buy Mia clothes for the fall, and it turns out I was too late. Back to school shopping is apparently a thing (who knew?!) even for babies because they've all grown out of their warm clothes, and the experienced mommies swoop up all of the good styles early. It was kind of like when I decided Mia needed Christmas dresses but it was already December. Apparently it was a fool-me-twice situation. 

Anyway, I was not making the same late shopping error a third time, so this time I planned ahead. First I took a look through what Mia had still from this spring. She still had a few pairs 0f pants and hand-me-down sneakers, but all of her shirts and dresses wouldn't work. I went online to my favorite retailers for kids clothes (Old Navy, Gap, J.Crew Factory, J.Crew, and H&M) and pinned all of my favorites. (P.S. Are you following me on Pinterest?) Then I took a look at what I'd pinned and narrowed down anything that we didn't really need, made sure I wasn't buying too many of a category, etc. Then I waited for sales (H&M doesn't really have sales, FYI, and Old Navy has so many restrictions you can ignore their sales) and pounced! 

I'm pretty psyched about Mia's color palette for fall. We tried everything on last week and Mia seems into it too. And yes I bought her a bonnet, because there's a very short window of time when your child will consent to wearing a bonnet, and don't those little blonde curls look cute sticking out the bottom?! She's clearly thrilled about it.

Here's what we ended up getting (and BTW I apologize but somehow a couple of things, including the leopard dress and chambray headband, have already sold out. I told you the mommies are for real): 

Here are a few things from J.Crew Factory that I couldn't link above: navy quilted coat, leopard sweater, navy skirt, yellow skirt, pink ruffled cardigan, corduroy leggings, striped tee

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