Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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It usually takes Jeff and I a long time to watch a show, mainly because we don't have a lot of time to devote to the binging. We often don't get time together at night outside of dinner because one of us will be working, and when we do have time it's only an hour or two before bed. That's a long winded way of saying, we LOVED Bridgerton and blew through the whole thing in a week. I'm always a fan of period pieces because I get drawn up in the sets and costumes and culture, but I really loved the drama and plot and cheese too. So perfect to binge if you haven't yet! I also am very into the new season of The Bachelor - the resort they're staying at really makes it feel like a fairy tale (as opposed to, you know, all the Spanish tile at the La Quinta where they were for Bachelorette) and I'm loving *most* of the girls so far. Who was your favorite out of the limo? I'm rooting for Kristin, Abigail, and Bri! 


I got the new Ina Garten cookbook for Christmas and have been loving it so far - the short rib beef stew is amazing (and leftovers are on the menu for dinner tonight!!) and I also made her crab risotto for NYE. Everything is a little fancier than I'd normally make, which is fun for low-key quarantine weekends. 


Did you read the first book in the American Royals trilogy? Okay so I'm way behind, but I'm finally reading the second book, Majesty, and if you are not reading this trilogy then you need to get on it. The basic concept of the book is that George Washington decided to be America's first king instead of first president, and follows the teenagers in the royal family in the present-day kingdom of America. There's drama, extreme wealth, and lots of unsupervised teenagers. The series is YA but doesn't feel too young to me - definitely fluffy but fun! 


Allllllllllll of the loungewear from Old Navy. I just got these tie dye leggings, these ribbed leggings, these sherpa shorts, and this tunic sweatshirt in the mail, and I'm basically never taking them off. The legging quality is not super high (read: they are for wearing in your house only) but the fleece shorts are incredible, and the hoodie is great because it covers your butt so you can wear it with said leggings out of the house if you so desire. Like I said on Monday, the whole quarantine thing seems to be just catching up to me now that it's cold out, and I'm in pajamas all day mode. 


I asked for an adult paint by number kit for Christmas after I saw Jill doing them during quarantine, and I may have found my new favorite hobby. Okay so it sounds weird to do paint by numbers, but here's the thing - I like to paint but it sort of stresses me out. Like having to come up with the concept, making it perfect.. it's a lot of work. But paint by numbers is painting without the stress because you don't have to think about what you're doing at all! I'm only like 1/25th of the way through this thing because it's surprisingly time consuming, but I've been loving turning on a podcast or putting on a show and painting for an hour or two. 

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