Wednesday, February 10, 2021

January Budget

I share my clothing budget here every month. My budget per month is $350, which may seem like a lot to some people or a little to others, but for me feels just right. I include all of my clothes, coats, shoes, and accessories in that budget, but not athletic gear, pajamas, or intimates.

Coming in hot (and by "hot," I mean "late") with the first budget post of the year! I did not shop much in January, in case you couldn't tell. I also didn't get dressed much in January. TBH I'm finally feeling the quarantine blues, between the cold, the lack of holidays to look forward to, and feeling discouraged about how much longer this whole global pandemic thing is going to go on. I'm finally starting to see family get appointments for the vaccine, but it feels a long way off until Jeff and I will be eligible (assuming as healthy young adults who work from home... we're last?). So January saw me in a lot of sweats, leggings, and pajamas. All day erry day. 

Anyway, I did buy two things in January. TWO. And I used a giftcard for one. So this is a particularly interesting post. Here's what I bought in January: 

Target Leopard Sneakers - originally $24.99, on sale $12.49. Yes, that's really how much I spent on a pair of shoes. Usually I just skip the Target shoe section because they aren't high enough quality for my very picky feet, but I saw a couple people sporting these on las instas and decided to give them a try in store. And woah. So comfortable! They have a memory foam cushion insole, and the (faux) leather around the ankle doesn't rub. So far I've only worn these around the house because right after I bought them Chicago decided it was time for winter, but I'm confident they'll hold up once we leave the house. If leopard isn't your thing, they also come in white. You can see them on my feet here.
Treasure & Bond Cowl Neck Sweatshirt - originally $45.00, used giftcard $0. I also got influenced by a few people to try this one when I was sinking deep into my sweatshirt phase, and I'm v glad to have it in the Kristina's Closet family. The fabric is surprisingly lightweight but it's fleece on the inside, so you get warmth without bulk. Plus, it's so so soft and cozy, and pairs great with leggings. You can see me in it here

Total Spent: $12.49

I just ordered a couple of things for spring from J.Crew (including this super cute floral blouse) so hopefully my February budget post will be a little more exciting!

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