Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Current Beauty Favorites

Somehow my beauty routine keeps expanding - I used to be able to take a shower and run out the door, and now I realize I'm spending 15 minutes just washing my face and applying products in the morning. Someone send help. 

I have been loving these bronzer drops this winter. You add a drop or two to whatever serum or moisturizer you're already putting on your face, and it gives the perfect glow. It makes me feel presentable even on no-makeup days, and evens and brightens my skin just enough! 

I always mix the bronzer drops with this Vitamin C serum, which also helps my skin feel bright and fresh. After having Mia I felt like my skin was looking dull and tired (you know, probably from the drop in sleep and relaxation time ;) and this seriously helps. With any Vitamin C serum, don't try to save it - be sure to use it every day starting as soon as you buy it, because the serum will oxidize after a few months. I had it happen to me with one and it is so sad to see something you spent good money on go bad. 

I have been using a lash serum since the fall, and while it hasn't given me dramatic results like I see on some people, it has made my lashes a tiny bit thicker and longer. I'm not linking it here because I wouldn't really recommend it, but because I'm focusing on my lashes I've been going a little crazy with the mascara trying to convince myself that the lash serum is worth what I spent on it. I'm using the combo of this lash primer and this mascara. I've used the primer for years now, but have been trying different mascaras and this one definitely makes a big difference in length and fullness. Be sure to curl your lashes too for extra oomph. 

Because of the extra mascara it's a lot harder to wash my face, so I've been using this oil facewash. It helps melt away my mascara and actually gets my lashes fully clean (important if you're using an eyelash serum!) and helps keep my skin moisturized during this crazy winter. 

What also helps keep my skin moisturized is this avocado retinol sleeping mask. It feels super thick and luxurious going on, and has kept me from having a flaky forehead like I had last winter! I also love the eye mask

I'm also obsessed with this lip sleeping mask. I use it whenever I'm in the master bath, not just when I'm getting ready for bed, and it has kept me from getting chapped lips this winter. It feels like a really thick lip gloss, but isn't sticky. 

For keeping my body moisturized, I've been loving this body oil. With just lotion my skin tends to get itchy by the end of the day as it dries out, but layering on this body oil afterwards keeps my skin moisturized all day and night. 

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