Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Baby Sprinkle!

My sister is expecting her second baby (in three weeks!!) so I decided to throw a little baby sprinkle for her. What's a sprinkle, you ask? Well, it's a little smaller than a baby shower, but a way to still celebrate the momma. Typically it's more for family and really close friends, or newer friends who didn't get to celebrate the first time around. I had heard of sprinkles but a lot of my family members hadn't, so you may want to let people know what the expectation is.

Keep reading for pictures, inspiration, and details on everything I made for the party!

I decided I wanted to go all-in on the sprinkle theme, so things got real colorful up in my house haha ;) My favorite thing I made were these giant sprinkle BABY letters. Let me tell you, you may want to warn your significant other if you decide to make the letters, because Jeff thought I maybe had something to tell him when the letters arrived one-by-one in the mail. These were really easy to do. I ordered these letters, some spray adhesive, and an industrial sized container of sprinkles. I poured the sprinkles into a disposable catering tray, sprayed the front of the letters with the adhesive (waiting the 3 minutes for the adhesive to get tacky), and then dipped them into the sprinkles, pressing from all sides. I did have a few sparse patches, so I just individually pressed in a few sprinkles and called it a day. Just a note, you're going to want to protect way more floor or counter than you think you need because the spray adhesive goes everywhere!!

I was thinking of things my sister likes, and duh, donuts totally fit into the sprinkle theme. My dad loves woodworking, so I asked if he'd be able to build a mini donut wall for me, and he so delivered!! This thing is two pieces, so if I want I can remove the base and hang it on the wall instead. I would tell you how it's made, but all I know is that it took him less than one day to make and he got to buy a fun new tool that would drill little holes for the pegs to fit into. Thanks Dad!

I always love to design invitations myself, so sorry, no source on the cards! Err, I am the source ;) Oh and I took off my address and phone number here, so no stalking! I usually order custom invite designs from Zazzle, I like that they have a print custom cards option with choices for sizes and shapes, plus they come with complimentary envelopes.

For the Treat Yo Self and Sprinkled With Love signs, I ordered from Custom Paper Props on Etsy. I used to avoid Etsy or plan on it only if I was ordering 6 weeks ahead of time, but I'm always amazed by how fast some of the shops ship out these days. They made and shipped out the signs the next business day after I ordered! The Sprinkled With Love sign is here, the Treat Yo Self was a custom banner.

For food, I tried to keep it all sprinkles, but my mom said if we were serving booze I needed some real food too. Gosh mom fiiiiiiine. So I sent Jeff to Donut Vault (and then later to Dunkin Donuts to "get a few prettier ones") for donuts for the wall, made some chocolate dipped pretzels covered in sprinkles, and rice krispie treats with sprinkles. But we also got pinwheel sandwiches from Costco (I'm alllllll about letting someone else do some of the work when throwing a party - no need to do everything yourself!), I added in some white cheddar popcorn because it's also my sister's favorite, and my mom made our favorite seasoned oyster crackers.

Oh, and some of what's on the table are actual sprinkles, but the majority is actually these little craft supply balls that kids melt down to make slime or something. Only adults were attending the party so I thought it was fine to put them out, but if you're throwing a party with kids I would not suggest decorating with them because they definitely look like food!

I obviously had to make some cute sprinkle rim glasses for drinks. These were really easy, I just melted some white chocolate candy melts, dipped the glasses in the chocolate, and then dipped the glasses in the sprinkles. To get the sprinkles off after the party, I just soaked them in hot water.

For drinks, I used this recipe for individual punches, and then put out champagne and vodka in case people wanted to booze their drinks up, or make mimosas or vodka lemonades instead of punch.

Oh, and the sprinkle wall! How have I not mentioned the sprinkle wall?! I followed these instructions to make all of the sprinkle balloons, and used gaffers tape to attach them all over the wall. I was worried I couldn't put them up too far in advance because the balloons would deflate, but that was not the case. Because I loved it so much (read: I was feeling lazy) I left it up for a week after the party and they still looked great.

Two thumbs up from the mommy to be!

Here's a full list of supplies/sources:
B, A, and Y letters

Are you planning your own baby sprinkle? Check out my Pinterest Board for the party for more inspiration!

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  1. What did you use for the glitter on the word “baby”? i love this!