Friday, July 27, 2012

Accidental Shopping Spree

So I might have a teensy bit of a shopping addiction.  Over the past 24 hours I have added two skirts, a top, a bracelet, a dress, and a fantastic bag to my wardrobe.  Maybe I should hide my credit cards from myself...

Michael Kors Clutch

I've been looking for a colorful clutch to wear with a black dress to a wedding later this summer, and today this little baby was waiting for me in TJ Maxx.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it's Michael Kors, which set me back a little more than I wanted... It's gorgeous though so I think the pros outweigh the cons.

I also got this fantastic bracelet in the mail from Banana Republic.  It was on clearance, I only bought it because I needed to hit a certain dollar amount to get a huge discount.  I think I made an excellent choice, it may be my new favorite piece of jewelry.  It's still available online here.  

I got it in the mail at work today - it matched my outfit so I threw it right on.

I always feel a little prissy carrying my bag around like that ;) 

Scarf - I've had it so long, I honestly don't remember.  It might have been Alloy or
T-Shirt - Gap
Skirt - Loft (a purchase from yesterday afternoon)
Bag - Express
Sandals - Payless (see here)

Have you made any awesome purchases lately?

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