Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I think, after living in this apartment for two and a half years, I've finally finished the "office" section of my bedroom.  I say office in the loosest sense of the word of course, because I usually just use the space for hair and makeup.  And sometimes eating.

The vanity is one of my favorite things that I own.  I got it from an estate sale - it was in one of those houses where the woman would have been considered a hoarder except she filled rooms with really nice antiques instead of old newspapers.  I found this in a closet that had literally been turned into a giant vanity table, surrounded by other vanity mirrors.  

The idea for this organization strategy came from Pinterest - here and here.  The heart box was a gift from my aunt, she gave it to me back when I was 12 and was not yet able to appreciate it.  Everything else is supposed to be a candle holder or is an apothecary jar - all from Michael's.  And yes, that's a picture of me and my college roommate Beth air-high-fiving in our caps and gowns.  

This was just added last weekend.  This was a set of two simple shelves from Michael's - on sale for $8!  Luckily my daddy taught me well, so I was already in possession of tools and enough know-how to install them myself.

I think I originally envisioned this as being a part of a shelf, but then realized I don't actually have a workshop to build things in.  While my bedroom can be easily transformed for crafts, sewing, or painting, woodwork seems a little different.  These hooks came from Michael's as well, I think they were a dollar each.  It's great having my jewelry on display because I'm more likely to remember what I have and then wear it.  


  1. Ooh it's all organized so well! YAY :D I have never been to an estate sale but it must be so weird/fun looking through all the stuff and finding gems

  2. LOVE your setup! That mirror is great and I love how you store all your makeup and trinkets and things! Thanks for stopping by the blog! xo, Julie