Sunday, August 19, 2012


This weekend I went out to my parents' house in the suburbs. The intent of the visit was to help my sister nail down some details for her wedding, which is coming up in October. She is literally the least bridezilla-ish out of anyone I've ever seen. Which, frankly, as the hairstylist for her wedding, makes my life a whole lot easier. Her hair is really short right now, so we decided to just curl it loosely and leave it down. She's having a beach wedding, so something loose and undone will work well.

We also got to do some sisterly bonding activities while I was home, like going to Target, eating at the little restaurant we love down by Lake Michigan, and going running together (we decided to sign up for the Hot Chocolate 5K. Yes, I voluntarily signed up for a race. The chocolate thing is what really convinced me.)

Now it's time to head back to the city for dinner with the boo and his family. Perfect Sunday!


  1. A perfect Sunday indeed! Love your sister's hair:)


  2. Hot Chocolate 5K!! WOOOO!!
    This is Emalie. Your blog is the funs.

  3. Gorgeous hair and yay for races