Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Since I've Been Gone...

Today I have to go back to the real world after a great week and a half off.  My little Christmas break was great - relaxing and fun.  I spent some time with my family, with the boy's family, and with my friends.  Here are a few photos from my break, get prepared for a photo overload.  

At Zoo Lights with the boy.  Somehow I've never been before!  It was actually way cooler than I expected.  

Most of the animals were asleep, but a few were getting ready for bed - including these monkeys that were giving each other good night kisses!  Super adorable.

Remember the little piggy I wanted?  Well I may or may not have ordered him while writing that post.   We don't have any bookshelves to put him on yet, so he's been assigned to another task in the meantime.

 This is a terrible picture but I saw the Christmas train go by me!  Unfortunately it was on the other side of the tracks so I didn't get to ride, but I did get to wave at Santa.  

Dessert with the boyfriend - I've never had a dessert that came with two little cups of hot cocoa before.  So adorable!

Relaxing with the boy after opening our presents - he got me the best one!  

The watch I've been dying over for ages and ages!  I may or may not have sent the boyfriend an email with the link and the subject line "BUY THIS FOR ME!"

Christmas at my parent's house - we did a great job with the color coordinating, yes?

The fireplace at my parents' house.  Fun fact - I made the painting on the mantle in art class in elementary school.  I'm pretty sure I copied it off of a postcard.  

Craft time with my brother's fiance for their wedding.  This is a wine bottle we wrapped with twine, I think these will be used for centerpieces.

My parents' new dog, Sophie!  She's great at laying, right?  My parents are so sweet to have adopted her, she's 12 years old and was returned to the shelter because her owner had to move into a retirement home.  Now she has a new home and a new family!

 I was at JCrew after Christmas and somehow resisted this coat.  They only had one left and it was in my size, marked down to only $50!  But I already have tons and tons of coats, so I left this baby behind.

Middle Sister wine, yes please!  I think my role as middle sister could be categorized as mischief maker, but my siblings may disagree.

A reunion dinner with my college roommates!  Love these girls!!

My NYE mani, I decided that super bright was the only way to go to compliment my super sequins-y dress.

Being silly with the boyfriend on NYE.  Apparently this is the "Kristina" pose, which my family teased me about and then copied for all of our Christmas photos.  

Happy New Years to all of my readers, here's to a fantastic 2013! 


  1. I have the same little piggy! He's holding all the cook books in my kitchen, which feels sort of mean, but it's cute so I'm keeping it! Happy 2013, Kristina!

    The Glossy Life

  2. Happy New Year, Kristina! You looked so gorgeous on NYE!

    Fizz and Frosting

  3. Great photos! Looks like you had an amazing little break! Happy New Year! xo, Julie

  4. Love that yellow coat! Happy New Year!

  5. I love the piggy and the sequin dress!!! Happy New Year! :)

  6. Oh my goodness, you got the Michael Kors watch! Seriously lusting over it right now, you are one very lucky lady! I also really like the sequin dress.
    X Jane

  7. Love the super bright nails with your dress! Perfect for NYE. Way to go on the gift from the bf, he did great!

  8. Looks like fun and gorggg dress! LOVE! Newest follower right here!
    xoxo, Gena
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