Monday, June 1, 2015

This Weekend...

Oh hey, sorry about the delay on this post! Our internet went out at about 3pm yesterday afternoon and still wasn't on this morning, and of course my procrastinating self hadn't started on anything for this week yet. #struggs. After a momentary freakout (what did people DO before the internet?) it actually turned out to be a nice, relaxing night. So anyway, here's what else we were up to...

This weekend I...

...Had my hair and makeup trials for the wedding! And then had a very fancy day running errands with miles of false eyelashes and my hair in an updo ;) I was a little worried about the trial because I hadn't exactly done my homework and fully decided what I wanted to look like, but the girls at Sonia Roselli did an awesome job interpreting my somewhat vague requests and I walked out having acquired some new self confidence and about 4,000 bobby pins.
...Went for another facial at Mud. I'm not really a "spa" girl but I love that little bit of pampering (as does my skin!)
...Celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday with a little barbecue out in the suburbs. Of course it poured on and off all weekend and was freezing so we had to take the party inside, but it was still a nice little taste of summer.

I hope you had a good one!

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  1. Ahh Internet going down is basically the worst! Also, I'm stealing the sho fo "struggs."

    Yay for hair and makeup trials! You must have felt amazing to get that sort of treatment :)

    Something About That

  2. I really need to get a facial too, my skin still hasn't 100% recovered from that awful winter we had.


  3. Too bad about the rain, glad you had a taste of summer though. Have a great week Kristina.

  4. It's funny how much the internet going down for a few hours bugs us. That's great that they were able to work with a vague idea to create the look you wanted.

    prosecco in the park