Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Everyday Makeup Routine

So, last week I had a total blogger fail. I filmed an Instagram live video of my makeup routine, but didn't save the video correctly and lost it - d'oh! I decided to redo the video so you could see it if you didn't catch it the first time around!

My goal is always to look natural, not like I'm wearing a ton of makeup, so that's what you'll see. I still wear a lot of products, I just don't go overboard. Usually it takes me just 5-10 minutes, unless I get caught up in Netflix or get distracted by Jeff dancing through the room, which tends to happen often ;)

Products used: Primer / Undereye Concealer / Face Concealer / Powder / Bronzer / Highlighter / Blush / Eyebrow Pencil / Eyeshadow Palette (for liner) / Lash Primer / Mascara / Setting Spray
Tools used: Powder brush / Similar highlighter brush / Eyeliner brush / Lash Curler

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