Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Finds

Happy Friday!! We don't have a ton going on this weekend, but tomorrow we have tickets for the most random concert ever at Wrigley Field. Backstreet Boys, Nelly, and Florida Georgia Line. I know they're paired together because they've done collaborations, but still, this should be interesting. We're going with my sister and her husband. My sister is excited for BSB, I want to see BSB and Nelly, and Jeff loves Florida Georgia Line (and honestly, probably BSB too), so at least we're all in on something. Except, of course, for my poor brother-in-law, who I'm pretty sure is just being dragged along ;)

On to my finds for the week. We're in that weird place where I know it's going to be hot for another month or two so I'm still looking for summer clothes, but fall clothes are so cute so I'm trying to scoop them up too. Also, I have some huge presentations coming up for work, so I still have work pants on the brain. Do you have any favorites? Let me know!

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  1. Kris loves FGL! That's why I thought of going in the first place!