Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Finds

And Friday is here again!! After a busy couple of weekends, Jeff and I have nothing on the calendar. Zero. Nada. 

Of course, I always hesitate to post that here, because inevitably gloating about my zero plans weekend leads to us somehow having a million last minute plans and not accomplishing anything. But I swear! This weekend we're definitely going to get some things done around the house, including the incredibly exciting task of washing our outside deck windows. I also am currently obsessing over the idea of buying new lounge furniture for our roof deck. We went amazingly cheapo when we bought furniture two years ago because we weren't quite sure what we wanted. Well now I know I want really durable material that we don't have to worry about covering all the time, cushions that attach to the base so they won't slip all over the place and that are preferably made out of Sunbrella material so we can leave them out all summer, and sectional pieces that really attach to each other. So I've been obsessing over this gorgeous set, which has all of the things I want but is perhaps a tinge over budget. Okay, more than a tinge. I'll keep you posted ;) 

So, onto the finds! How freaking cute are both of those bags?! I keep telling myself I don't need another woven bag, but the black and white is so fun. It looks so expensive too, but it's actually only $53! Somebody hold me back!!

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