Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Weekend Mom Style

Tee (similar here and here) - J.Crew Factory / Jacket (currently on sale!) - J.Crew / Jeans - Old Navy / Bag - Madewell / Sneakers - New Balance / Sunglasses - Amazon

My "mom style" so far has leaned towards the very casual haha. Not that I expected anything less, I think I wore leggings for about 97 days straight when I was pregnant. So for me, dressing up a little for running around the neighborhood with the family means putting on an actual pair of jeans with my sneakers and wearing a fun tee shirt instead of one of the three tee shirts I rotate through at home that are nursing and allergic reaction-friendly. 

(Have I mentioned my crazy allergic reaction to you here or just on Instagram? Basically since having Mia I've been having an allergic reaction to something, and while it's much better than it was it's currently making my arms and feet itchy. Fingers crossed I'm not just allergic to having a baby.) 

It's so funny living in Chicago in the spring. In any other city, at 55 degrees people would be bundling up. In Chicago, it was a sunny and not windy 55 degrees so everyone got the eff outside. I mean, the park by our house was basically standing room only. I saw people walking around in shorts and sandals. Jeff and I decided to take the baby for a long walk through the park and around our neighborhood, and it made me so excited for the weather to actually warm up and for us to spend lots of time outside this summer. I'm even considering buying this totally necessary leather blanket for laying in the park with Mia. (Did you see that part above about my skin? Yeah we so aren't touching grass here 😂) 

Anyway, back to the outfit! I've loved the button-front jean trend from afar while I was preggo and then recovering from being preggo, and was really excited to try it out myself. Well, it turns out that to get all those buttons on the fly, your jeans basically have to be high waisted and as a short torso-ed person I am not here for that. Mid-rise jeans already manage to cover my belly button, and high rise jeans basically touch my bra. I tried on many pairs but basically chalked it up as something that would never work for me. 

But then I found this pair from Old Navy that have just an 8" rise, not 10" or 11" and you guys, they totally work! They come up just to my belly button, and the button fly holds you in a little more than a zipper making them super comfy and flattering. I also am loving the lighter wash, which feels so fresh for spring. These are definitely a stiffer denim than most of my skinny jeans though and don't have much stretch, so while they're really flattering I probably am not wearing them all day. Which works for me, as we rarely are outside of the house for more than two hours at a time, and you and I both know I'm putting on cozies as soon as I walk in the door. 

Add in a cute leather tote and my favorite jacket (which I somehow managed to cover in chai latte drips, can you tell in the photos??) and I'm basically a walking J.Crew model / basic b mom. And I am here. for. it. 

Tee (similar here and here) - J.Crew Factory / Jacket (currently on sale!) - J.Crew / Jeans - Old Navy / Bag - Madewell / Sneakers - New Balance / Sunglasses - Amazon

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