Monday, May 6, 2019

Motherhood Monday: An Unexpected Perk

I've mentioned before that I have what I like to call "social anxiety." I mean, it's not an official diagnosis or anything, just how I refer to my issues. It's definitely gotten better over the years (I used to literally be nervous to spend time one-on-one with a friend) but it still lingers, especially at parties. They've always been a little scary for me (or let's be honest, a lot), as I have the hardest time making the first move and approaching strangers. I once had my dad drive me two hours in traffic into Chicago so I could go to a networking event while I was in college, couldn't figure out how to talk to anyone, and made him come back and get me ten minutes later. Yeesh.

Nowadays the social anxiety isn't nearly as bad, but it can still rear its ugly head. And, it turns out, I have a new perfect fix.

That's right. My child. 😂

No but really though. We took Mia to a party a couple weekends ago where I didn't know many people, and it was all kinds of awesome. When you're holding a baby, people just want to come up and talk to you. When you're in an awkward conversation sans baby, you can easily excuse yourself to go find the baby. When you're in an awkward conversation with the baby, you can just say she needs a diaper/bottle/pacifier/her dad. When you scan the room and aren't sure who to talk to, you can just find your baby and hang with her instead. Jeff does not have the social anxiety and he even was talking about how great having her around for those exact reasons can be.

So, if you see me out and I quickly excuse myself to "go relieve Daddy of baby duties," you know what I'm really up to. 😉

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