Wednesday, August 28, 2019

August Budget

Every month I post about my clothing budget. My budget per month is $350, which may seem like a lot to some and a little to others, but feels just right for me. You can read my thoughts on my 2018 budget here.

Well, this might just be the least exciting budget post ever! I triple checked my secret Pinterest board (how I keep track of my purchases every month!) and even looked into my closet to make sure I didn't buy anything else and forget about it. But nope, these were the only two keepers this month! I even questioned keeping the earrings, I had a hard time deciding if they were cool and modern or a little too old corporate business lady. Clearly I decided on the former.

I am currently waiting on this sweater to arrive (couldn't resist a good Madewell sale!) and have a feeling a few more fall pieces will be flying my way in September, so things should change a bit for next month's budget post ;)

Here's the damage for August:

EDIT: RETURNED. I just wasn't ever reaching for this top and wasn't excited to pull it out, so I decided to take it back. LOFT Leopard Print Top - originally $54.50, on sale $32.70. I saw this print in stores when I was making some returns, and it is so pretty in person!! It also comes in a pretty tank and work dress.  I thought when I ordered it that it could work as a weekend top as well as a work top, but it doesn't work quite as well with my jeans as it does with black skinnies or a cute pencil skirt.
LOFT Glitter Pull Through Hoop Earrings - originally $29.50, on sale $17.70. On that same trip into the store, I glanced over at the jewelry section while I was in line to return approximately one thousand items and realized that LOFT has some freaking adorable earrings right now. I combed through the selection online and ended up ordering these cute minimalistic beauties. I thought I had to be "done" with fun earrings for a while since Mia has hit the must grab everything and pull stage, but then I realized duh, she's going to daycare full time. Mommy just has to wait until after dropoff to put in her fun earrings. And try not to drop them on the floor of the train while doing so. Which I definitely haven't done during the morning rush hour commute. Definitely no.

Total spent: $17.70
Total saved: $11.80

I think that might be my lowest total since I started tracking this whole budget thing! I am on the hunt for shoes though which can be a pricey add - I returned over $500 worth of shoes to Nordstrom last week!! I'm looking for another pair of sock booties, some black mules or loafers, and maybe some taller boots too. So hopefully we'll see some of those in my September post!

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