Monday, August 12, 2019

Motherhood Monday: Mia's 5 Month Schedule

I can't believe it's been over three months since I last shared Mia's schedule! I know everyone says this, but really, as soon as you get used to something with your baby it will change. It's so crazy looking back to May and knowing that we were going to bed at 9 (or 10... or 11) and taking hours to nurse her and help her fall asleep. Now Mia goes to bed at 7pm after eating for 20 minutes tops and is happy to fall asleep on her own. And no more late mornings over here, she's usually up in the 6:00 hour instead of 8 or 9am.

We did start daycare a couple of weeks ago, so this a typical schedule for non-daycare days. And as before, this is just a typical schedule. Everything may change based on how long naps last or if we have plans for the day. Or an emergency bath ;)

We don't swaddle anymore, but we do put her in a sleep sack - these ones are my favorite!

6:30am: I'll hear Mia start stirring in her crib (or more likely these days blowing raspberries - so cute!), so we wake up and nurse in the bedroom followed by a diaper change.
7:00am: Playtime on her playmat or in her activity center while I eat breakfast, pump, and try to turn our living area into a reasonably clean space that others might enjoy using.
8:30am: It's already naptime! I usually nurse Mia for a hot second if she seems hungry, then we sing a couple of songs and she lays down in her sleep sack. Sometimes she falls right asleep, and sometimes she complains for 10 or 15 minutes. This nap is typically 90 minutes, but sometimes as short as 20 minutes or as long as 2.5 hours.
10:00am: We wake up, do a diaper change and actually get dressed for the day. Mia will nurse, and then we'll head out for whatever activity we're doing - usually a long walk and a stop at the grocery store. Mia will usually hang out for a bit and then nap in her stroller. I pack formula in these sweet travel containers in case she gets hangry while we're out, because I still haven't figured out how to get enough hands to feed her under a cover in public. I always forget to plan lunch for myself and end up grabbing something for myself while we're out.
2:00pm: We get back home and get all of our stuff back upstairs. Mia will nurse and get a diaper change and then we'll have some playtime.
3:00pm: Mia lays down for her last nap of the day while I pump.
4:00pm: Mia wakes up and we sing or play and anxiously await Dad's arrival home from work.
5:00pm: Dad is home! He plays with Mia for a little bit, and then we start in on baby food! Mia just started cereal last week, so this week we're starting to try other foods which has been... exciting ;) But really she loves food so far and wants to eat everything she can as fast as she can. We're using these bibs so she doesn't get messy - amazing since they cover her whole outfit! Dad usually feeds Mia while I prep stuff for our dinner.
5:30pm: More playtime until Mia starts getting grumpy.
6:30pm: Dad takes Mia into the bedroom to change into her pajamas and get into her sleep sack. We don't do baths at bedtime yet, but I know that's about to change as she starts eating messier foods!
6:45pm: I nurse Mia and try to keep her awake to eat as much as possible before bed since I know that will help her sleep through the night. If I feel like I'm not producing enough milk I'll supplement with formula here.
7:00pm: Mia is asleep! I do a happy dance and then we make dinner and hang out before bed - these days we seem to always have an episode of Bachelor in Paradise to watch ;)

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