Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday Finds

Happy Friday!! This weekend we're letting Jeff's parents babysit - eeek!! It'll be our first time without Mia since the first week of March. Going to be SUPER weird but I think it will be good for her to interact with people who aren't us / deal with a little separation. I don't even know what we'll do during our baby free time - maybe go to brunch? Just sit and read in a park? Nap upstairs at Jeff's parents' house while they're with Mia downstairs???

We also got a reservation to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo (the outdoor areas are reopening this weekend!!) so I'm super excited to do something a little different! The last time we took Mia to the zoo she didn't notice the animals at all, but I think it'll be a different story this weekend. Guessing she'll just bark at everything 😂😂

Here are my finds for the week! How freaking cute is that Sunset sweater?! I keep telling myself I don't need it and I have a bunch of sweaters like it... but I have a feeling it'll be flying toward my house soon ;)

one / two / three / four / five

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