Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Lazy Hazy Crazy

Tee and Hat (identical here for $20 or with a pink brim) - J.Crew / Shorts (or similar) - J.Crew / Sandals - Target

I was looking for something on my computer this weekend and realized I never shared these photos, which if I'm remembering correctly, I took back at the beginning of May! Oh poor early quarantine Kristina, she had no idea what was in store. 

But, on the plus side, that Kristina decided during a nap time to run around and try to self timer some photos of a top that was, at the time, brand new. It's no longer brand new, but lucky for you, it is now on sale ;) I have been loving it because it is tee shirt material so it's really comfortable and feels casual, but then that lace just takes it up a notch. Just what you need for all of those video calls! It's really beautiful, and goes around the back too. 

These also are my favorite shorts of all time. I think I've been wearing them in summer outfit photos since basically the beginning of this blog, because they really are that good. (Awww little 2015 Kristina) The only difference is that this summer, I decided to unroll the hem a little. Apparently Mommy Kristina shows half an inch less leg than 24 year old Kristina. 

Wow, we've been talking a lot about various kinds of Kristina. 

Next time I write a blog post, less wine ;)

Tee and Hat (identical here for $20 or with a pink brim) - J.Crew / Shorts (or similar) - J.Crew / Sandals - Target

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