Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A Few Photos from the Fourth of July

You might have seen on Instagram that we went away for the long weekend. Well, it definitely wasn't planned!

Jeff's brother and sister-in-law Tim and Kerry rented a huge lake house way back in January for a huge group (we had opted out thinking we'd be having our own Fourth of July party) and after a few Coronavirus scares they decided to cancel and just invite family. And then after a Coronavirus scare in the family (don't worry, turns out everyone is cool) it turned out just we were invited. We got a call Wednesday night asking if we were in. After Tim and Kerry said they had gotten negative tests back the day before, we figured why not, and drove up on Friday morning.

Funnily enough, while we weren't planning on going on the trip, we had already rented the same house for Labor Day! So it ended up being a fun little preview of our upcoming trip. Not sharing the location since, you know, I just told you when we'll be there again! I'll share after our next trip though, because the house was super close to Chicago and was so adorable. Definitely the cutest place I've ever rented.

The weekend was SO nice - a lot of boating, swimming, laying around, and trying to make Mia be best friends with their dog Bodhi. On the last morning, Mia cornered Bodhi on the boat and finally snuck in some pets (and a nose boop) so I think it worked ;)


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