Monday, December 23, 2013

This weekend...

This weekend I...

...Came home to find my Christmas present in the living room - it's a craft table that's basically an IKEA hack the boyfriend put together.  I can't wait to set up my workspace!
...Picked up my brother and his wifey from the airport, they're home from Korea for the next week!
...Cooked a Moroccan feast on Friday night for a couple of friends and finally got to put the spices and good saffron we picked up in Morocco to use.  The house smelled so.damn.good.
...Watched many home videos with the fam, including a play my brother wrote and I starred in at age five about not giving in to peer pressure.  I appeared to only agree to participate if I was allowed to wear my Barbie roller skates.
...Went out to Gyu-Kaku again, because who doesn't like gorging themselves on kobe beef?
...Got to hang out with "Club Sheridan," my neighborhood friends growing up (we all lived on Sheridan Road) and somehow stayed out till three in the morning, a feat I have not accomplished in years.
...Tried to play a Korean version of jacks, and immediately lost all of the pieces under our couch.
...Felt terrible all day on Friday after staying out too late at a Christmas party the night before that my personal trainer also happened to be attending.  Turns out he's a pusher both inside and outside of the gym.
...Had a delish chocolate martini, topped with (a little more than) a dusting of cocoa powder, cause we're classy like that.
...Tried to release a bunch of sky lanterns, but couldn't because of the rain.  Sooooo, now I have a bunch of sky lanterns just waiting for a sunny day ;)
...Woke up to a ton of snow at my parent's house on Sunday, but sadly there was no snow on the ground when we got back to our place.

I hope you had a good one!  I'm going to take off for a couple of days for lots of family time, I hope you have a very happy holiday season!! Don't worry, you should still be able to catch me on Instagram and Twitter ;)

P.S. Don't forget, there's still two more days to enter the Rebecca Minkoff giveaway!!

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  1. We are getting an Ikea here next year! I am so excited too because I need to find a desk like that!

  2. A craft table! How cool!(I realize to others that might sound sarcastic, but I'm totally forreal!) Merry Christmas!
    This Ever Evolving Life
    Blue Nile Giveaway!

    1. I'm pretty psyched about it, finally got it all set up yesterday ;)

  3. Seems like you had a lovely weekend! And what a great Christmas present! happy holidays :)


  4. Sounds like a great weekend, enjoy your time with your brother!


  5. Love that table. How sweet! Really wish we had an Ikea here. Hope you have a great Christmas!

  6. Kristina, I'm obsessed with your craft table! Hope you had an awesome Holiday!

    Kristin xx

    1. It's so nice, I just got it set up yesterday and looooove it. Happy holidays!

  7. A craft table, that's amazing! So cute! Hope you are having an amazing holiday season!
    xo Dina

  8. Love your craft table!
    What a bummer about the sky lanterns but at least it's something to look forward to on a nice night!


    1. I found it amusing that the sky lanterns were purchased in the first place haha but now we have an amusing activity ahead of us!

  9. That was so sweet that he set the craft table up for you! I bet the Moroccan food was incredible, complete with authentic spices! I love to cook, but that would be intimidating to me! Well done!

    1. We actually took a cooking class while in Morocco so we had already made or watched other people make all of the stuff, so not too tricky :) And actually nothing was that hard to make, I bet you could do it.