Monday, October 19, 2020

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By running and running after Mia! She has hit the phase where she's not so interested in being in her stroller any more for a long walk anymore, so if I want to take a walk with her I have to mentally commit to chasing her for a few blocks. Luckily she's stopped sitting down in the middle of intersections because she doesn't want to hold my hand anymore. We ran around the Lincoln Park Nature Walk last week, and stopped for a few photos in the Honeycomb. We had literally been there just a few days before for our family photos, and Mia cried the. whole. time. But with just Mommy she seriously just wanted to sit here and smile for fifteen minutes - how cute is she here?! 


I did a lot of theater in high school, so I convinced Jeff to watch Encore on Disney+ with me this weekend. The concept is so fun to me - take a group of adults and have them restage their high school musical, 20 years later. I was nerding out on the theater side of things because really, can you imagine trying to perform a musical after only a week of rehearsal?!? Jeff thought it was fun too and was not a theater nerd, in general it's a fun high school reunion even if you aren't interested in the musical part. 


I'm currently reading 28 Summers (ha I knooooow it isn't summer anymore but I was on the library wait list for this one for a long. time.) and it's a cute, fun, easy read. The only thing... it's eerily reminiscent of The Blue Bistro by the same author. I loved The Blue Bistro, it's a way better story IMO, and it's currently in my rotation of fun, easy books on my Kindle that I pull out when my heavy reads feel too heavy or when I finish a book but am not mentally ready to start something new (other books on this list include The Devil Wears Prada and the Harry Potter books). And like, I knooooow the author basically writes a book a year about Nantucket so there's going to be some overlap, but there are characters with the same name, with the same backstory, they go to the same places, there's the same obscure disease, and they even talk about going to The Blue Bistro (it's a restaurant) in 28 Summers. So like I'm enjoying it and I'm going to keep reading, but I'm also annoyed. Long story short, if you want to read 28 Summers, just skip it and read The Blue Bistro instead.


A new Instagram account! I always love to take pictures of houses while we're out walking, and decided it's high time to give them their own account. And let me tell you, it's weirdly fun to start a new account and feel like I can share different things I love. If you like looking at pictures of pretty front doors and cool Chicago houses, give me a follow


This red wine spaghetti with pancetta from the New York Times and ohhhh my god. It's such an interesting recipe but is so good and satisfying, and I had almost all of the ingredients on hand already which is already a win. Plus there is a whole bottle of red wine in there. A WHOLE BOTTLE. Try it for your next date night, but make sure to get another bottle of wine to actually drink ;) 


Allllll of the things on my Cricut :) Every now and then I get in a mood where I want to make everything, so I had the machine out a bunch last week. I was experimenting with Infusible Ink which basically irons on actual ink instead of iron-on material - so cool! I say experimenting because I was doing it with my very old iron, which does technically work but takes forever. I also used it to cut out some fun Halloween decorations, which I think is how I'm decorating for all not-Christmas holidays from now on. It's fun and easy, and I don't have to store them since I'll want to make something new next year! 


More clothes for Mia. Even after I shared this. Send help. Coming our way: this jumper, this hat, this sweaterthis skirt, these shoes, and probably more I can't even remember 🙈

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