Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Pinterest Success: DIY Fall Candles

So last week I posted about wanting to complete some Pinterest projects.  It turns out that sharing your goals with others, no matter how small they may be, really sets a fire under your butt to get them down. And thus, I present to you, some fall candles.

(my roommate put out the pumpkins and gourds in the background, how cute!)

The idea for the cinnamon stick candles came from 320 Sycamore.  They were really simple to make, I simply hot glued the cinnamon sticks directly to the candles.  Each candle took about 1.5 packages of cinnamon sticks (look for them in the spice aisle).  

The twine-wrapped candle was a little trickier because for some reason the glue and the twine didn't want to stick to each other at the same time.   Eventually I got it though, and then wrapped the rest of the twine around the piece I had glued to the candle.  Hot glue might not be the best choice for this candle since it melts the candle.  

Not sure yet if it's safe to actually burn these, but the cinnamon candles smell great without having to light them!


  1. Omg, these came out so cute, Kristina! I wonder if the candle gives off a cinnamon smell when you burn it!

    The Glossy Life

  2. Wow those are so much fun!! I love decorative candles, even if they can't be burned they still look great :D

  3. I love candles, so seems like a complete win to me, even if you cant burn them!

  4. Love love love this!! xo, Julie

  5. Such a cute idea, turned out lovely <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  6. I really love this idea for halloween - I'm not really decorating but I might keep this one in mind come christmas time x