Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ensemble: Sunday Morning

You know how you know you're getting old?  You wake up on a weekend earlier than you do with your alarm on a weekday.  This past weekend I was up and ready to start accomplishing things before seven on both Saturday and Sunday.  My go-to weekend look?  Leggings and a tunic.

Shirt - Old Navy (old, similar here) / Leggings - Loft / Boots - Bandolino / Bag - Audrey Brooke (old, similar here) / Necklace - Stella & Dot / Bracelet - Michael Kors

Sunday mornings for me right now mean finishing my homework (I mean, no way, I never leave stuff until the last second), having a quick breakfast, and heading to class.  I'm a weirdo and don't like coffee or tea, so I always bring my giant water cup along with me. 

What are your favorite items to wear during the weekend?

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  1. fromproseccotoplaidMarch 26, 2013 at 8:27 AM

    Hate when that happens! I totally know what you mean though. Love this look! xo, Julie

    from prosecco to plaid

  2. I wore leggings and a tunic as well on Sunday! It's definitely my comfy but not in pj's look!

    Fizz and Frosting

  3. I adore your red hair, lady. It's stunning. This is actually one of my go-to outfits. Tunic top + leggings + boots. I'm almost in tears because I'll have to put my boots up soon! nauticalowl.blogspot.com

  4. I love putting on a great pair of pumps (usually with skinny denim) and hitting the town. :) But sweatpants on a Sundays are another fav. :)

    Love the two-tone boots on you!


  5. So pretty! A) i'm pretty much obsessed with your hair color, and B) also your boots. Love this!

  6. I absolutely love those two toned boots. I think you really nailed a casual weekend look. Love that top and the boots are perfect for walking around and doing errands!

    xo Dina

    Sweetest Somethings

  7. Such a great weekend look. Those boots are great. My go-to look is a pair of boyfriend jeans (my new fave) and an oversized tee. Not as classy, but what can you do?

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  8. Loving those boots, Kristina! So super cute.

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  9. you're so cute! i love the pink top!

    thanks for visiting ladies in navy

    ladies in navy

  10. Thanks! I still haven't managed to try boyfriend jeans, I'm convinced they'll look terrible on me. Guess I should give them a go anyway.

  11. Thanks Ashley! Yeah sweatpant Sundays are pretty popular with me too ;)

  12. Thanks! I feel like I wear my boots 3/4 of the year, don't worry, yours will be back out of hiding soon!

  13. Love this sweet look! So perfect for a spring Sunday :) Though wish my getting older meant I was able to wake up before my alarm-- I still struggle with that all weekend long!

    xx, Emily

  14. Love the button down. I haven't tried the safety pin trick before, but it's a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion!