Monday, September 2, 2013

Guest Post: With Luck

Hello everyone from Barcelona!  Today I've got a guest post for you from Jenn at With Luck Blog.  Jenn blogs about everything from style to crafts to cooking to her adorable dog Allegra.  Take it away Jenn!

Hey everyone! Jenn from WLB and I'm so excited to be here on Kristina's side of the Internets while she's out exploring the world. (ps- I'm jealous about that). Anyway, I love heading over to Kristina's blog when I'm hunting for fashion inspiration so I knew when we started talking about my guest post, I knew I wanted to do something style related. And then pumpkin everything started appearing at Dunkin Donuts and it was decided that I would list out a few fall things that I am most excited about.
fall layers1 - 2 - 3 - 4

I'm most excited about layers. Sometimes I get easily bored dressing over the summer months. A pair of shorts, a single top, sandals.. in the hot weather I can't handle much else. I'm looking forward to piling on sweaters and dresses and thick tights and everything in between!
fall nails1 - 2 - 3
Fall Nail Neutrals
Although I've had fun with my summer brights, I'm ready to go back to neutrals. I like the fact that my nails will match everything all the time again. It's a bit more of a classy look. Summer has been fun, but I'm ready to calm it down a little.
scarves1- 2 - 3 - 4
Scarves are my weakness. I have a bunch of them fit to wear any time of the year but fall is by far the best. You can allow your scarf a little more texture, a little more length and really let it take over your outfit, which I am totally ready for.
fall Jackets
1 - 2 - 3
I used to hate wearing jackets when I was younger, but now I love the extra layer. I like to keep my jackets light in color over the fall and save the darks for the deep winter cold but as long as it's comfortable and cute I'll take it all!

What fall essentials are you excited to break out? Anything that I missed?
Thanks for letting me visit, Kristina! Enjoy the rest of your trip :-)
With Luck
Thanks so much Jenn!  I'm definitely getting excited for lots of layers and to break out all of my jackets again, as soon as I get back it's going to be fall all the way.  Be sure to check out Jenn's blog at!

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  1. I love nude nails, too! So excited for the dark shades. =]

  2. This is why I love Autumn and Winter fashion more! It's just more fun. Plus, I love wearing coats and scarves.

  3. Thanks for having me guest post! This was really fun to put together :-)

  4. Thanks so much for posting Jenn!! I'm very excited for fall clothes now ;)

  5. Me too, I might just go paint my nails right now ;)