Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Budget

Another month, another budget post!  I managed to come up under budget again this month, thanks to some purchases (ahem) that were returned.  After having to dress up for a tradeshow earlier this month for work, I realized all of my dress pants are too big, and that I could use some other work appropriate clothes.  I also picked up a pretty dress to wear to a wedding this summer and some fun accessories.  The maxi hasn't made it out of my closet yet thanks to the weather, but I'm not so sure I like it as much as when I bought it anymore, so that might be going back.  The green dress and necklace haven't come in the mail yet, so who knows if I'll actually like them when they come or not.

Here's the damage for April:

Old Navy Dress - originally $34.95, on sale $15
Sole Society Heels - originally $74.95, on sale $67.45
LOFT Tiny Dot Blouse - originally $59.50, on sale $29.75
Target Maxi Dress - $27.99
Gap Boyfriend Shorts - originally $49.95, on sale $36.56
Gap Trouser Pants - originally $59.95, on sale plus used credits $25.97
Jessica Simpson Dress - originally $138, on sale $39.99
Amrita Singh Necklace - originally $120, on sale $17.99
Old Navy Belt - originally $14.94, on sale $10

Total Spent: $270.70
Total Saved: $309.53

For May, I'm looking for some springy skirts and dresses to fill my closet, as well as a simple but dressy clutch or crossbody bag.  How did you do budget-wise for April?

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  1. That teal dress is going to look great on you–I love the color!

  2. Ah I'm loving everything you picked up this month! Those dresses are so pretty.

  3. Wow you managed to snag some great finds!


  4. please come and make me stick to a budget! haha I literally have no self control, although I did better this month than February or January!


  5. That dress is so whimsical and adorable! I love your blog. So glad you linked up with Fran so I could find you!

  6. that jessica simpson dress is gorgeous. i need it. do share - do you love it? does it fit well? have you worn it? tell alllll.

  7. What great purchases this month! I love those snakeskin heels! Plus, those gap shorts look really cool and comfortable!

  8. I've been wearing the heels a lot but I think those shorts are my real favorite, super comfy and really cute on. Now if only it would get warm enough to wear them!

  9. It is super super cute but sadly it has to go back, it's too tight in the chest for me. But you know, that's pretty typical for me.

  10. I know right, I'm super excited for it to come.

  11. You can do it Maddy!! I feel like putting it out on the blog and holding myself accountable really helps.

  12. that sucks! i couldnt help it, totally ordered it. the whole free returns thing is too awesome to pass up. i am pretty flat chested (why sugar coat it, lol) so hopefully it will fit me. fingers crossed ;)

  13. I absolutely love those heels! Very cute and perfect for spring and summer. Great purchases! :)

    Katie | Style Diary

  14. My April was, let's just say, significantly over budget. Oops. I mean, I have to look good in London, right?..... Okay no I really can't spend money in May now haha. You got some great stuff! Love the dresses!


  15. Ooh, i bought the same gray dress from Old Navy in April to wear to a job interview. I love it! I can't wait to see all the ways you wear it so that I can get some good inspiration from you :) The mint dress is gorgeous as well!