Monday, April 7, 2014

This weekend...

This weekend I...

... Went to dinner at my grandma's house, where we had to cook steaks for 15.  NBD.  I was in charge of the sauce, which included about a pound of butter.
... Tried on about a thousand wedding dresses, and actually found some real contenders.
... Took my mom and sister to Taco Joint, which was the second time I've been in a week.  I may have a problem.
... Designed a website or two.
... Actually won at Cards Against Humanity, which I don't think is actually a good thing.
... Had a major pizza craving and dragged the boy to Giordano's for a classic sausage onion and pepper, scientifically proven to be the best toppings.
... Went to JoAnn to buy supplies for this Pinterest project, and somehow came away with the exact fabric from the tutorial.

I'm not really looking forward to this week, I have to work at a tradeshow for two days which is basically the worst thing you can ask an introverted person to do.  But the weather is supposed to perk up a little, so that's something to look forward to.  I hope you had a good weekend!

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  1. I kid you not, Andrew alone would have eaten 5 of those steaks! They sound amazing!

  2. Haha - I'm pretty sure it wouldn't count as grandma's recipe if it didn't include a pound of butter!

  3. Cards Against Humanity is one of my favorite games! I always wind up laughing until my stomach hurts :)

  4. Steaks for 15 people?! Holy cannoli! Yumm, pizza and tacos. You've made me super hungry!


  5. Ha yes I guess this post was a little food heavy ;)

  6. That particular one was my dad's, but he kind of cooks like a grandma - butter in everything!

  7. Back off Andrew, more steaks for me!