Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Five Tips for the Best Second Day Hair

I've been a second day hair fan back since middle school.  That's not to say I always had "technically good" second day hair, just that I was often rocking it.  Lately though, I've been managing to get shiny, voluminous second day hair rather than second day hair that's just passable.  Note that my hair is naturally straight, and have what hairdressers describe as "a lot of thin hair."  Here are five of my tips to get the best possible second day hair:

1. Use dry shampoo the night before.  It allows the product to stop grease before it takes over, and helps you wake up with tons of volume.  I was using Suave for a long time, and well it worked and the price was right, I never liked the smell of it.  I recently switched to Batiste and have been loving it.

2. Don't rely on the ponytail.  My hair is usually greasiest along my hairline, so pulling my hair into a ponytail highlights the fact that I haven't washed it, and actually makes it look worse.  Instead, I may pull back my bangs, but leave the rest of my hair down.  The only exception to this is if I was wearing my hair up the day before.  Then my hairline seems to magically stay clean.

3. Use products when you do your hair the day before.  Sometimes I'm really lazy and just comb my hair and let it air dry.  While it looks fine on day one, it never translates into day two.  I've found that using products on day one, like Redken Guts 10, help my hair stay voluminous and keep the greasies away for day two.

4. Don't fight your day one style. If you wore your hair up, put it up again.  If you pulled back your bangs, you can try braiding them or twisting them, but don't try to wear them down.  If you curled your hair, don't try to straighten it.  My hair always looks better if I try to mimic the style I had the day before rather than fighting with it.  The one exception here would be curling your hair if you previously wore it straight, this definitely works.

5. Rinse, don't wash.  If you've been really pushing yourself at the gym, second day hair can sound kind of gross.  Sure, there's dry shampoo, but that can't make your hair less sweaty.  Whenever this happens to me, I go ahead and get my hair wet in the shower, but instead of using shampoo I just massage my scalp with my fingertips, like I'm washing my hair.  This helps to rinse away any sweat that's hanging around and can help with any grease, but won't dry out your hair.  I'll use a little conditioner after this, but I just put it on the ends of my hair to stop it from getting weighed down.

Are you a second-day girl?  Do you have any more tips for getting great second day hair?

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  1. LOVE this!! I don't wash my hair everyday because it gets way too dry and I am always trying to ward off the grease! I've been using baby powder but I imagine dry shampoo smells way better! :)


  2. These are some really great tips! I find that in the summer, I feel like I need to wash my hair more than I "should," so I'll definitely be giving some of these ago, because a couple are new ideas to me. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  3. I put TONS of baby powder (aka poor mans dry shampoo) in my hair before i got to bed. My boyfriend thinks it's embarrassing because it makes my hair look grey but in the morning it's all rubbed around and my hair isn't greasy and has tons of volume! The things we do to avoid showering....

  4. These are great! I definitely has to work on rinsing more often, because I hate when my hair gets dry. thank you!

    xo, Hima

    Hima Hearts