Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This weekend...

This weekend I...

...Played a little tennis with Jeff's family in my tennis whites.  They're basically all pros, so I maybe need to do some practicing before we play again...
...Went to the mall with a couple of my friends, and realized that I haven't actually been to a mall with friends in basically forever.  I do almost all of my shopping online or run and grab stuff during my lunch break, I forgot how much fun it can be.
...Hit up our favorite neighborhood pizza place for dinner.  I may have already quoted this on this blog, but sausage, onion and pepper, scientifically proven to be the best toppings.
...Went to another bridal shower that had some super adorable (and yummy!) favors.
...Continued my return to run program down by the lake, and *almost* convinced Jeff to go running with me, which is in and of itself a major accomplishment.
...Went out with a couple of friends for the Blackhawks game, but don't worry, I barely watched.  I did, however, discover a new love for shuffleboard.
...Accidentally ordered the biggest of the beers, which seemed like a great idea before it came out and I realized just how many 32 ounces are.
...Went to a barbecue (because that's basically required for Memorial Day, right?) at my grandma's house out in the burbs.
...Didn't buy anything in the Memorial Day sales!  Well, except for a pair of running shoes, which I feel like don't really count.

I hope you had a good one!

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  1. look at you, Sporty Spice! haha :)

  2. I somehow managed to make it through the weekend without shopping too! You look absolutely adorable in your tennis whites!

  3. I love that you can wear tennis white. I look basically naked in tennis white because well..look at me.


  4. Look at you- sooo cute in your tennis whites! I cannot play tennis AT ALL but always wished I could. No way could I hang with your fam, ha! :)

    Glad you had a good weekend!


  5. What a lovely weekend!! I want to learn to play tennis - everyone says its so fun :)


  6. Ahh a 32 oz beer is huge! I hope you liked it at least! I was good and didn't buy anything from the sales either.

  7. Sounds so fun!! I wanted to play tennis before.. It looks so fun! xo

  8. You look like such a tennis pro in this picture! I don't even think I could hit a tennis ball anymore haha

  9. Ha, well I'm not doing much better :)

  10. Oh, I would say my tennis skills are basically non-existent at that point, working on them though :)

  11. Yeah I want to get to the point where I can actually play, instead of hitting every other ball out of the court hahahaha

  12. Yeah, my bad, I apparently had no concept of how big it would be hahahaha :)

  13. Oh believe you me, I was having some seeeeeerious struggles :)

  14. Ooookay, I'm jealous!! I grew up in a house with a tennis court but haven't really played since. This looks really fun!

    Alexandra Aimee