Monday, May 12, 2014

This weekend...

This weekend I...

...Spent a lot of time out and about enjoying the city.  The weather was supposed to be sixty degrees and cloudy, but it ended up being a gorgeous seventy-five and sunny.  Jeff and I spent Saturday afternoon/evening wandering through Lincoln Park, visiting my favorite animal at the zoo, scoping out our wedding venue, hitting the rooftop at Lincoln Hotel, and splitting a bottle of vino and an amazing caprese salad at Topo Gigio.
...Got catfished by Yelp - tried to go to a restaurant that turned out just being someone's townhouse.  What can I say, they had some really good reviews ;)
...Maybe went on a segway tour of downtown and maybe loved it and maybe want to find seven thousand dollars in my back pocket so I can buy one for myself.  And also maybe learned that all of Lincoln Park is a giant graveyard?  Yuck.
...Had a yummy lunch with my mom, sister, aunt, and cousin up in Rodger's Park to celebrate Mother's Day, and in the process finally got to meet my cousin's pet tortoise.
...Told Jeff I was going out for happy hour with my co-workers, and didn't make it home until 11pm.  I blame the cocktails at Ceres Cafe.
...Went out to Revolution Brewing with Jeff's parents as a combination late birthday and Mother's Day celebration, and strongly considered just getting eighteen orders of wings.  So flipping good.

I hope you had a good one!

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  1. sounds like a fab weekend. i am intrigued about the segway, they look fun! also, thats my kind of happy hour lol

  2. It sounds like you had a super fun weekend! I loved seeing your photos on Instagram.

  3. Oh my gosh what a fun weekend! How did you pack all of that awesomeness into just a few days!?

  4. Sounds like you had a really busy weekend with friends and family! I was outside all weekend too, it was so nice to soak up the sunshine!


  5. hahaha that's hilarious you got catfished on yelp. too funny. i've heard awesome things about the rooftop bar at hotel lincoln --sounds like one fantastic weekend!

  6. That's so funny!:) Sounds like a great weekend. Thanks for posting!