Thursday, September 25, 2014

A little business casual

Sweater - Loft / Shirt - Ann Taylor / Pants - Old Navy (on sale!) / Flats - Payless / Necklace - c/o / Watch - Kate Spade

I've been doing a lot of networking lately, and it's always hard to decide what to wear/how dressed up to get.  I feel like business casual is usually the perfect mix of dressed up but not too dressed up.  Another struggle I've been having is what to order on coffee dates.  I'm still a child and don't drink coffee, and while I've found things that I like to order at most coffee places, they don't really seem grown up enough to make a good impression.  Like, hot chocolate is definitely out, and the passion fruit iced tea at Starbucks is right on the edge (it may be called tea, but it's basically Kool-Aid).  Then, I had a little breakthrough.  Chai tea!  Looks like I'm (almost) a grown up after all.

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  1. Gorgeous look. I love colour pairing and white shirt is always great idea.

    xoxo Ra

  2. Chai is delicious, definitely on the grown up side of drinks. I really love this look, everything from the sweet polka dots on your pants, the color of your sweater, and that pretty necklace!

    prosecco in the park

  3. I always have such a hard time getting ready for networking events, too! I always get told I look very young so it's hard for me to keep my personality but still look professional and like an adult lol. You definitely have mastered the look I think!

  4. You look great in this color! I love how you brought a little fun to business casual with the polka dot trousers too! I feel your coffee house pain (or at least when I was dating haha).. I don't like coffee or tea, so I ordered a lot of caramel apple ciders... Really... mature haha...

    xoxo jenna @ sincerely jenna marie
    PS- I'd love for you to stop by on Thursdays to link up!

  5. You look adorable!! I haven't tried chai tea yet. I should. I need to cool it with the coffee consumption. :)


  6. First of all, I love your hair color it's so gorgeous! And I am totally with you on the chai tea- so good!!


  7. This is a perfect work outfit! New follower :)

    xo Annie

    New England Romance

  8. I don't like coffee either so I'll have to try chai tea sometime! That color sweater looks great on you!


  9. That is such a gorgeous color on you!!! and I'm definitely with you. I don't like coffee, but chai teas are the best! Especially pumpkin chai teas at Starbucks.


  10. You don't even go for the sweet coffee drinks? At starbucks unless I ask for half the syrup or twice the coffee it's way too sweet. But I do like the chai lattes, they are pretty tasty.

    Loving your printed pants - they are the perfect office appropriate kind of print. Fun, but not over the top.

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. I love the color of this top, it is beautiful and is such a great hue for fall!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. I Love purple too, as a red head. Love how you paired it with ciggarette pants and a contrast in the sea blue necklace, looks great

    from the link up

    please visit, jess

  13. ohhhhh, I like this business-y side to you! that maroon looks so pretty against your skin :)

  14. What a lovely statement necklace! Love this effortless style on you!


  15. What a wonderful color on you, Kristina! I love those pants as well - I have several pairs of the Pixie pants and I looove them! They're so comfortable :)