Monday, September 15, 2014

This weekend...

This weekend I...

...Worked on a bunch of projects around the house, including a gallery wall on the staircase, new lighting for the living room (btw, anyone in the market for some marble lamps from the '90s?), my Halloweeen costume (too soon?), some fall decorations, and a wedding DIY.
...Once again decided to count Thursday as part of the weekend, and went out to Kai Sushi for a birthday dinner for a friend, and then checked out the new brewpub in our neighborhood, Vice Brewing.  It actually shares an interior wall with my gym, so we've been trying to convince our personal trainer that an interior door between the two would be an excellent idea.
...Went on a lady date with a friend to check out her new neighborhood and maybe try to stalk the Real World cast - they're currently filming just two blocks from her place.  We epic failed on the Real Worlding, but did get some awesome tacos and some aggressive drinks at mas (the rajas con queso was our favorite).
...Had dinner at my parents' house to celebrate their anniversary (an excellent excuse for a champagne toast!) and am still in recovery from all of the desserts I consumed.  My siblings and I are all weird about what desserts we like (me - no cooked fruit, my sister - no chocolate, my brother - no cake or ice cream), which means my mom gets confused when we come over and makes everything she can think of.  I'm definitely not complaining.

I hope you had a good one!

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  1. it's never too soon to think of Halloween costumes!

  2. Sounds like a super productive weekend! Glad you had a good time and congrats to your parents!

  3. Oh happy Monday!!! I'm always down for a champagne toast too!

  4. Ahh I love all those prints! And how did I not know that the Real World returned to Chicago? Better yet, how did I not know that the Real World still existed? Glad you had a good weekend!