Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November Budget

Phew. Can you believe it's been almost a whole year of budgeting at this point? It turns out the $300/month budget I set for myself is dead on - it keeps me in check every month, but doesn't make me feel deprived. This month I went for a bunch of lower priced items, and two bigger ticket pieces - new boots and a faux fur vest. I actually had a pretty hard time picking out new boots after my favorite pair broke in October. Every pair I tried just wasn't quite right. Then I thought, why keep looking when I really just wanted my old pair back? So I went to DSW and bought an almost identical pair from the same brand. As far as the vest, I had been holding back for a while because Banana Republic refused to put it on sale. But then I noticed sizes started disappearing online so I decided to pull the trigger. Then it came in the mail, and they forgot to take the security tag off. I called to complain, and they took 20 percent off the price! Which means I ended up coming in right under budget for the month. Here's the damage for November:

BaubleBar Crystal Necklace - originally $44.00, on sale and used credits, $26.00
Old Navy Plaid Flannel Shirt - originally $26.94, on sale $16.25
Loft Striped Tee - originally $24.50, on sale $8.25
Banana Republic Faux Fur Vest - originally $130, used credits plus extra 20% off, $82.40
Forever 21 Beanie - $8.90
Bandolino Coppa Riding Boots - originally $149, on sale $99.95
Loft Striped Chiffon Tee - originally $39.50, on sale $23.70
Loft Lacey Tee - originally $54.50, on sale $23.25

Total Spent: $288.70
Total Saved: $188.64

While I did get a lot of things I liked this month, I didn't get the one thing I really needed - a new laptop bag. Maybe I'll gift it to myself with Christmas giftcards. Besides that, I'm really just looking to get some sweaters (because it has been so cold so far this fall) and maybe a new dress for NYE.

How did you do this month?

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  1. Wow you really got some amazing deals, and all of these pieces are so cute!

    prosecco in the park

  2. Good for you for keeping with your budget! Love that plaid shirt and those boots!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Love the plaid shirt! Such cute things for under $300!!


  4. I love the budget idea--really makes it easier to see where your money goes! That for sharing this list--you got a ton of great things :)



  5. I totally love that beanie!


  6. Closet FashionistaDecember 3, 2014 at 5:18 PM

    You got some great buys! I've been on a clothing budget for a couple years, but I give myself a bit more than $300, haha...shopaholic! But the past 7 months I've been combining it with a French Wardrobe Challenge to curb my purchases

  7. have you looked at the better life bag laptop bags?! A little more pricy, but they have a great positive mission and they're super cute!

  8. I picked up that buffalo plaid shirt too! Love all your finds.

    Heidi D.

  9. Yay twinsies! It was such a good deal I couldn't resist.

  10. Is the French wardrobe challenge one where you're limited to a number of items? I don't think that one's for me, I always want more!

  11. You should grab one, I've gotten so many compliments (from women) and confused looks (from men) ;)

  12. Oh definitely, and stops me from going completely crazy when there are good sales (ahem: Black Friday).

  13. Thanks Rachel! It's super cute in person.

  14. Thanks Cayli! I work with what I've got ;)

  15. Thanks Lyndsay! Everything is always on sale these days, it makes me wonder about clothing companies business models - do they just plan for things to be about 50% off these days?

  16. Closet FashionistaDecember 3, 2014 at 7:49 PM

    Yea, sort of. 5 "standout" items, but basics are unlimited :) I modified it a bit for myself, haha and allow myself 7 things

  17. Oh gotcha! Yeah I don't think I would be able to do that, I know you're supposed to go for quality over quantity but I definitely always choose the other route.

  18. Thanks for sharing, this really helps and I love your picks.

  19. Really love the plaid top, jeweled hat, and of course the faux fur vest :)

  20. That Forever21 beanie is beautiful, I have to get it!

  21. That damage looks pretty cute!