Monday, December 8, 2014

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Finally bought and decorated the tree! Jeff and I didn't get to go cut down a tree with my parents like we usually do, so instead we ended up getting a fake tree. Turns out fake trees aren't so bad, especially when you buy scented ornaments to make it smell like a real tree.
...Went with a couple of my lady friends to Chriskrindlmart downtown for some spiced wine, German treats, and gossiping of course.
...Continued the German experience in Lincoln Square at Chicago Brauhaus, which turned out to be much more authentic than expected. There was a polka band and a tiny 80 year old German man asked me to dance, so you know, night made.
...Lost my fantasy football matchup in the playoffs for our couples fantasy league, which means I'm officially out for the season. The good news is that the girls won this season overall, although a guy could still be the overall champ.
...Met up with a couple friends at Parlor for a little Christmas party planning session. When we plan parties we go big or go home, and it sounds like this year's party is going to be quite the event.
...Grabbed dinner at Revolution Brewing with Jeff for some wings (of course) and delicious, delicious beers. Every time we go there's been a wedding upstairs, and one of these days I'm definitely going to turn into a wedding crasher ;)

I hope you had a good one!

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  1. We got our tree too this weekend! Yours is beautiful!

  2. Your tree is so pretty!! Sounds like you had a fun weekend :)


  3. Your tree is so pretty! and what an adorable story. I wasn't aware there were scented ornaments only spray great share!

  4. I decorated my tree as well, pretty during putting up Christmas decorations is an instant mood booster!


  5. aw fun! love the way your tree looks...real or not! hehe