Friday, March 13, 2015

A Little Blush

Sweater (similar) - Loft / Blouse - Ann Taylor / Jeans - Gap / Flats (on sale!) - Vince Camuto / Necklace (similar) - JCrew Factory (gifted)

Happy Friday!! The weather this week has been freaking amazing (well, in comparison to the last few months anyway) and so I celebrated by putting away my black and burgundy and pulling out some blush instead. I also finally traded in my riding boots for some flats. It's funny, even though I know it's coming, every year I get so surprised by the onset of spring.

In case you're wondering, yes, my hair is looking a little different here - I have in extensions! People always think of extensions as a way to lengthen their hair, but I more wanted a set to add volume and help my hair hold a curl. I went in for a hair cut this weekend and finally remembered to bring in my extensions to get them cut to blend in better. They're now an inch or two longer than my hair and a shade or two darker, giving the look of lowlights. I don't plan on wearing them all the time, just when I want a little more oomph! Like, maybe for a little date night this weekend ;)

Two other ways to wear a white button down: 


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  1. Your hair looks so gorgeous! I really would not have guessed you had extensions in. Do they really help it hold a curl better? If so, I may need to get some. I also really love your necklace!

    prosecco in the park

  2. I love your hair, and that blush color looks so beautiful with your coloring! Xx

  3. I love everything about this outfit, and I wish I had a pink sweater to copy - I've actually been looking for one for months but haven't had any luck!

  4. What a beautiful outfit for weekending! I feel like a lot of pale people shy away from baby pinks, but I love the look on pale skin!

  5. So the hair they use for extensions is usually from India, so it's a lot thicker than my hair and curled a lot easier. I've only curled them like this the one time, but it stayed all day much better than my hair ever would have.