Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Neutrals

Sweater (similar) and Jeans - Old Navy / Booties - Sole Society / Necklace (similar) - JCrew Factory / Watch - Wristology

I wore this over the weekend, and accidentally matched with my friend. Seriously, we were basically identical, from our crystal necklaces to our suede booties. You know what they say, great minds think alike. Normally matching would be something that bothered me (especially when Jeff puts on the same thing as me after he saw me get dressed) but in this case it was so funny it was good.

Even though people wear white denim all year round now, not just from Memorial Day to Labor Day, I still don't tend to wear it in the fall or winter. You know, it's just not my style. As soon as the weather started to heat up I brought them back out into full rotation, and have worn them the past two weekends in a row. While I successfully made it through Saint Patrick's Day celebrations and a beer festival without any stain issues, last Saturday I somehow managed to drop my lipstick on them. I wasn't super freaked out because I've actually been looking for a new pair (for some reason I got a little excited and bought these smaller and longer than usual) but still tried get the stain out. While Tide to Go totally failed, two washes with Resolve Dual Action did the trick. This stuff is seriously amazing. I also once accidentally dyed this whole sweatshirt purple and somehow got it back to white. The trick is to check if the stain got out in the wash, and if it did not, to not throw it in the dryer - heat will set the stain.

Not to totally shift gears here, but tonight we're finally having our cake tasting for the wedding! This is the activity I was definitely most excited about. Instead of one big cake, we're going to do a bunch of little ones, so we get to pick quite a few different cakes and fillings. Cake for dinner, that's a thing, right?

Two more ways to wear white denim:


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  1. I'm looking to invest in a new pair of white jeans for spring, yours look fab on you!


  2. In LOVE with this look - all white suits you so well. xo


  3. I love a good white out outfit!

  4. This is my kind of look, I absolutely love it, every last detail! You are one brave lady to wear white pants to a St. Patrick's Day celebration. I get so paranoid when I'm wearing mine.

  5. Super cute look! I love the bright whites for spring!

  6. I need to suck up my fear of white denim! I actually have my first ever post of my first ever time wearing white denim going up whenever I stop being so lazy and actually post it, hahaha. It scares me to be wearing white (what if I sit on something?!?!?) BUT I love how it looks. This outfit is so pretty!

  7. Loving your white denim and sweater together! I'm glad you got the stain out!!


  8. This is the perfect transition look going into spring, love it!!

    XO Courtney

  9. HappinessatmidlifeApril 1, 2015 at 10:27 PM

    Great spring look and too funny that you and your gf were dressed so similar. Great minds!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  10. I finally got a pair of white jeans after searching for literally 3+ years, and I'm so excited to wear them when it's not so wet outside (white pants and rain/slush do not mix...). I love that you and your friend showed up as twins!