Monday, July 6, 2015

Bridesmaid Presents

Oh hey there! I figured I would be a little too tired to get a post out today (we just flew back to Chicago last night!) so here's a little previously scheduled goodness for your enjoyment.

I'm not sure I ever consciously thought about what I wanted to get as gifts for all of my bridesmaids, I had a lot of ideas and basically decided to go with all of them.

I started with these cute tote bags from The Knot that I personalized with everyone's first initial. A hint - if you're looking to buy something from The Knot they are almost always having a sale so never pay full price! I stared at these for a while, finally placed an order, and then two days later the price dropped even further. I emailed asking for a price adjustment and they gave it to me even though they're personalized, dropping my cost to way less than half each! I also got these personalized robes on sale from The Knot. The girls got pink robes, and I got a white one for myself with pink writing.

I was on a bit of a personalization kick (could you tell?) and decided to also make these personalized hangers with each of the girls' names to make our getting ready dress pictures a little cuter. I looked for plain hangers all over the place and ended up with these light stained ones from The Container Store. I also bought a gold paint pen to write the names - I ruined a couple hangers while practicing but eventually got all of the names on the hangers in pretty script and ended up with a couple nice new "mistake" hangers in my closet.

I think my favorite thing I got were these necklaces from Stella & Dot. I wanted to get something personalized but since I went a little overboard I decided to keep the necklaces a little more subtle. I love that these don't look like initial necklaces on first glance because of the pattern, but once you realize what they are you can definitely see them. The necklaces were a little more on the expensive side so once again I waited until they were having a Dot Dollars promotion, bought half of the necklaces, and then used the Dot Dollars to get the rest of them for free. There are two boxes because I bought the charms and the chains separately. I also got a necklace for me. I was going to try to wait to wear it until after I gifted out the necklaces to the girls, but then I got antsy. It's even made an appearance on KDTI (whoops!).

To round out the bags, I added a few bridesmaid essentials - water, a little snack bar, and these adorable individual cans of champagne. 

I handed these out before the rehearsal dinner and they were a huge hit. The robes & hangers (ahem, & lots of champagne) ended up in our pictures so you are sure to see more of them as I share some of our wedding photos. 

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  1. These are such cute gifts, I love the robes with the engraved names :)

  2. I didn't even know you could get sparkling wine in cans! Those are quite the bags you put together. Your bridesmaids are really lucky girls :)

  3. Those are such great bridesmaid gifts! and they are so cute!

  4. How cute! We had similar bags from lands end for my best friend's wedding!

  5. These are so cute! I love it!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  6. These bags are super cute! I'm sure your bridesmaids will love them!


    Jeans and a Teacup

  7. I love everything! Those bags are so cute~ I products that have part of my name on it! Thank you for sharing these ^^
    ~Kiyomi <3