Friday, July 3, 2015

The Ultimate Day to Night - Office to Bachelorette

Oh hallooooooo, Jeff and I are still living la dolce vita in Italy, so here is another previously scheduled post. I promise we'll be back soon!

So last month, I ended up having to go straight from work to a bachelorette party. I could have changed in the bathroom at work, but it seemed kind of awkward to then have to wander through the office in a tiny outfit and heels. So instead I took a different route:

Layers! I added a maxi skirt and scarf (and then a jacket because it ended up being kind of chilly) and suddenly I could wear this pretty, low-cut romper to work and no one was the wiser. Of course, the hair and makeup may have been a bit of a giveaway ;) This is different than a lot of day to night outfits in that you couldn't see most of my outfit at the beginning, but it was just as easy of a switch as when you change out a pair of shoes or switch handbags. I obviously wouldn't always recommend layering (a layered romper in particular, it adds a fun layer to the whole romper/bathroom issue), but in this case it was the perfect solution. 

Oh, and can we talk about this romper? Normally stretchy waist rompers don't work on me, nor do wrap fronts (which are supposed to be great for bigger busts, but in my case usually end up showing way too much skin) but this one somehow just works. It's great for dressy occasions, but as you can see also works dressed down with a denim jacket (just wear flat sandals instead of heels). 

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  1. I'm obsessed with that romper on you. I really want to buy one and I think a basic black is a great way to ease myself into the trend.


  2. I have been daydreaming about this romper ever since seeing it in your last budget post, butI've been wavering hardcore on whether or not to buy it because I wasn't sure about the material and low cut chest. I literally thought to myself two minutes ago "Hmm I wonder if Kristina has posted a picture of herself wearing it on her blog yet," and here it is! Well, it is amazing and looks phenomenal on you and I may or may not have just clicked the "Purchase" button over on Nordstrom's website.

    I hope you guys are having an amazing Honeymoon!! I've been following everything over on Instagram and am SO JEALOUS!!


  3. Loving this romper on you! You look gorgeous!

    Wishes & Reality

  4. This is such a great idea. The romper looks great on you. I love it. And btw your hair color is amazing!!!
    V. NYC travel and lifestyle blog