Monday, July 27, 2015

This weekend...

This weekend I…

…Started things early with a baseball game on Friday afternoon. The Cubs lost, but likely because my brother was there - he claims he's never seen a win!
…Grabbed drinks at Duke of Perth, which was my brother and sister-in-law's favorite hang when they lived in Chicago. It's a very chill hole in the wall where we've spotted a couple of celebrities hiding out over the years.
…Went out to dinner to celebrate my sister in law's birthday at Hutch. The food wasn't anything special, but all of the cocktails were really good! Mine oddly had balsamic in it, which was surprisingly really good.
…Drove out to the suburbs for my cousin's wedding. It was so fun to see all of my family again after they were in town last month for my wedding, of course in a lower pressure situation for me this time ;) I also can never say no to hitting the dance floor, Jeff and I make up with enthusiasm what we lack in actual skill. Things got so aggressive that during the last sony I somehow managed to poke Jeff in the eye and knock out his contact #skillz

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