Friday, September 25, 2015

Review Lipstick Queen Medieval

So I'm not what one might call a "lipstick girl." If you can't tell from my style posts, on most days I'm just rocking the old cherry chapstick ;) I hate worrying about whether the color has worn off or whether I'm going to get lipstick on Jeff, and I'm always scared that too much color will look weird on me. Typically my lip color goal is to mimic their natural color when they're cold or after I've brushed my teeth - just a little enhanced. 

That being said, I've really been wanting to try Lipstick Queen's 'Hello Sailor,' which is this freaky blue color in the packaging but is supposed to be a pretty berry color. I stumbled upon it when I was visiting my friend Beth in Madison a couple of weekends ago (every time we get together we end up attacking a makeup store) and gave it a try. Sadly I have really blue undertones in my skin so it did NOT look cute on me, but I saw another shade, 'Medieval,' that is supposed to be the perfect red for anyone. 

I would say the color is a little more pink than red, but it's the perfect lipstick for me - sheer so it isn't scary, moisturizing so I feel safe skipping my chapstick fix, and a color that works on me. You can layer the color if you want it a little richer, or just put on one quick swipe for a hint of color. Here I'm wearing a heavy single coat. If you look closely you can tell it's sheer because the little freckles on my lips are still showing. (Yes I have freckles on my lips. Soon I will be one giant freckle.) 

It hasn't yet replaced my chapstick routine, but I like the color and have been pulling it out when I want to dress up a little or when I'm feeling particularly pale. I also am a sucker for cute packaging, and love the box as well as the tube itself. This little guy has earned a place in my purse for sure! 

Are you a lipstick kind of girl? 

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