Monday, September 21, 2015

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Took a loooong walk around Lake Michigan since the weather was so beautiful - just a hint of fall in the air.
...Went on a little Target bender. They put out all of the fall stuff and I just.couldn't.resist. And then I came home and replaced all of my summer candles with fall scents and started pulling out the fall decorations. I'm going all in on this whole fall thing, bring on the boots and scarves!
...Went on a bachelorette party, and let the popular vote win out on my outfit choice. As for what happened during the party? Well that's "what happens in Vegas" type information ;)
...Got this adorable dress in the mail, but sadly it's going back. When am I going to learn that this shape just doesn't work on me?
...Drove out to the suburbs for a big family dinner and a lot of time with my cute little niece - she's getting so big!

I hope you had a good one!

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1 comment :

  1. Ahh the curse of Target. I can't go in there and not leave with a cart full of stuff.
    Love your outfit choice, also! Hope it was a fun night!